Anybody ever get a qp? Does it come in a regular sized MM box? Been wanting to get one to take advantage of pricing but worried about ordering such a large amount in the mail. The most I’ve mustered up enough courage to order is an ounce. Any feedback would definitely ease my mind


  • I wouldn’t feel comfortable ordering that much in a single package. But I don’t Know why I feel that way 🤪

  • @Medmike25 depends on the state you live in. I wouldn't do it. That goes from personal smoke to you looking like you deal

  • We don't ship anything that can't fit into a postal mailbox. Honestly it's a bit of a squeeze with the qp's and they are packed a little tight.

  • @medman are you saying since it’s a tight squeeze maybe it’s a better idea to get something a bit smaller? Or have you not had any problems with qp’s in the past

  • We can ship QPs with no issues. The buds might get compacted somewhat but that doesn't affect potency.

  • Yeah its not a big deal. The packages can get compressed a little tighter than usual thats all. Depends on the fluffiness of the bud.

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