Bruce Banner Pineapple Express or gg#4

Man I would love to try these


  • Don't see any of those listed. I don't think they take requests.

  • I hear the gg#4 was here recently

  • @Good2Go, they monitor these boards but you are correct. Can't hurt to put in a request.

    And the GG#4 was textbook. Still is on my shelf!

  • I still got some of that GG for. Shit was bad ass. I’ve been bragging on it for a couple of weeks. Matter fact you guys just gave me an idea!

  • I got GG#4 a few years ago from here. It was very good then too.

  • I already spent 700$ on here in 3 orders most definitely will cop some gg if they added

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    Acquired some GG4 in 2019 from the site........not too good.

  • @Good2Go, would that have been October/November? I got it, too. Awful. Looked like grass trimmings. A very rare batch of bad herb from Loud, I think.

    The batch from earlier in the month was a whole different animal...

  • That must be the product I was talking about. Same opinion as you.

  • Personally I got a lot of pineapple express when the movie came out and always love gg4 and Bruce banner is one I've never had.

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    Bruce Banner is very loud and packs a serious punch..picked up some from another site before I found MM..kind of funny because the packaging was not sealed like MM..I remember smelling it through the cardboard thinking o’crap I can’t believe this made thankful for MM..never worry a bit..anyway if BB finds it’s way on here I believe many of you would like it..

  • The one and only time I've seen Bruce Banner on medicineman I jumped on it. And they substituted on me. 😢

  • @JaymeeG i will say the BB I had was fire..but many of the strains on here are just as 🔥 or better..Fruit Loops..Blueberry Muffin..Strawberry Diesel..Grape Ape..Mothers Milk..Mimosa..the list could go on..all better than BB IMO..

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