I was wondering if USPS ID shows packages 100% of the time. I read that some people don’t get any USPS ID updates and still got the package. I placed an order on sunday and haven’t seen any labels or any package at all on the tracker. Hoping it’s still on the way.


  • I hear it is not reliable but all of my orders so far have shown up on it. I wonder if having the +4 after your zip helps.

  • Mine shows every single time, somehow. But some people are very very unreliable. I don’t know what the difference is. It just seems some people does that show all the time are very reliable and some people aren’t. Doesn’t make any sense to me

  • My most recent order from Loud showed a label created for 4 days, one update 4 days later saying my package was en-route (with no way points, mind you) and me getting a notification my package was waiting for me in my mailbox that afternoon.

    Hey, I blame it on the Chinese Flu. I mean, that must be the reason because I now have Chinese eyes.

  • Yes but I meant adding it to your MM order form

  • Yes, adding the +4 is vital it even says so on the site when explaining how to make an order. For every single one of my orders Ive made from here so far (6 so far) all of them have had an ID.

  • I did add the +4 digits to my order, still no ID update.

  • @realshmoke420 Some people here have had different experiences with ID. For some it works fully. Some it works a little bit and with some it doesn't work at all. It could be that your package is on the way and no updates have been made, others here have had that happen.

  • mine tracked with no issues for mths then in Jan it got unreliable and now it is not reliable at all

  • To many variables.

    Stop worrying... it will arrive.

    Use the force.

  • In my experience, it only works about half the time. :(

  • ☝️ Especially now. I keep telling people they’re better off without it. 😂 too much stress.

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