Donkey butter

I ordered an oz of this it’s probably otw shipping label was created yesterday but it’s not on the menu anymore I wonder if they subbed are did I actually get lucky 😳


  • I order a oz of it wed am gone off site wed by 5pm

  • May the odds be ever in your favor

  • We've got an oz of "Donkey Butt" and Skywalker coming. Ordered Tuesday. ID said said a label was created on Wed., but no updates since. But, I learned awhile ago never to rely or worry about ID. It'll probably be here tomorrow or Monday.

  • Same for my two ozs @TheProfessor but one package arrives tomorrow so we will see

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    Our lucky day! ID said Monday, but our Donkey Butter and Skywalker OG came today! I love surprises! Both are absolutely gorgeous! Nugs are good size and firm. MM's Outdoor strains come through again! Can't wait to try both!

  • 😳 @TheProfessor now I’m looking forward Monday thanks man we got the same bud let me know how u like it

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