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Not sure what's going on. Ordered and sent payment 2 days ago. Sent a few emails regarding the pay and I haven't gotten ANY emails back.


  • Kind of upsetting

  • I sent you a response by email, did you not get it?

  • Email issues

  • I think the messages were intercepted

  • Yeah the email police intercepted your messages, really? That's funny.

  • No. Didn't say that and that is not what I meant.
    I posted this before I got my email from M.M.

  • I know it's a little nerve-racking, but you need to relax one way or another you will get your product ! Medboy will make sure of that!! I've been buying from here for years and every issue that has come up has always been handled, you are not going to get screwed like you will on all the other websites. Relax it will come!!!

  • The email glitch was on my end. WNTPCE sent some emails that didn't show up in my inbox for 2 days. I still don't know why. :/

  • It is okay. It happens sometimes. Could be gmail because I have been having some issues with it lately

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