USPS ID down?

I'm trying to log into ID to see if my package is out for delivery as it should be but the website won't load and if it does it send me an error message. I got an email saying expect packages today but logging into ID doesn't work at all. From website or app. Is anyone else experiencing this ?



  • Im looking into it an there is a site that tracks downed servers/sites and its saying USPS is down and so is ID and other people are also commenting the same thing. I pray this doesn't affect my package which is supposed to arrive today.

  • Mine is down too

  • @MikeyC dang it. If this affects my delivery im going to be very upset. Even tho i did get the update email saying my package is arriving today and out for delivery. Fingers crossed, praying.

  • @maryjanelover11 same for my package even the amazon one Waiting on mail now

  • @Shamisha55 Same here. Legit this informed delivery is getting old and its stressful and annoying. Next order Im not even going to pay it any attention. This stuff be ruffling my nerves lol. My expected delivery time is 9:30-1:30. Im literally sitting by the window waiting to see that mail truck

  • @MikeyC I saw that page before but now way more people have commented. Apparently the servers are down all across the country. I did get the out for delivery email tho so Im not sure whats going to happen. sitting here waiting

  • @maryjanelover11 Same bro I’m sitting at my pc waiting lol I’m tired of this SLH ready for some fresh bud taste was not there I am very anxious rn 😳

  • @Shamisha55 At least you have bud. I ran out 2 days ago :(

  • Packages

    Tracking information is currently unavailable.
    Tracking information for your packages is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. We apologize for any Inconvenience this might cause.
    Message on my I'd, expecting package today, was there yesterday not on there today

  • @tdk329 wtf you are right I just went to the page now it says zero packages and under it says tracking info not available. SMH man. I guess all we can do now is wait. I hope and pray we all get our packages today.

  • Happened before to me.

  • I wouldn't worry too much. It sucks ID is down but I doubt that issue would delay the mail already set to be delivered.

  • If you check your email that you signed up for informed delivery with, you may have an email showing what packages are arriving soon. I then copied the tracking number of the package, searched “USPS tracking” on google and then pasted the tracking number. Shows mine is out for deliver at 7:10 this morning!

  • We have a smarty!!!!^^^^

  • Welp mines coming Monday 😩

  • Mail came already

  • @tdk329 did you still get the mail ?

  • @Shamisha55 was ID saying it would come today originally ?

  • this mail still hasnt arrived.

  • @Abelinc I did just that and it did show that it was out for delivery

  • Now shows package out for delivery !

  • My package arrived, but not without leaving me with a minor heart attack. I always know when the mail truck is coming because of the noise it makes. I seen the mail lady come and drive right past my mailbox. I had half a mind to jump in my car and chase her down to ask her for the mail lol (obviously i didn't). I guess she just missed it because 10 seconds later she does a uturn and comes back to my box...... It was a feeling of pure defeat and then pure victory in less than 20 seconds. I still haven't even opened the package. When I do expect HD pictures of Grape ape and pink grapefruit kush. I need to sit down and collect myself. The last few days have been very exhausting to say the least and i Didnt have no weed to calm me down. I hope you all get your packages today too. and @Shamisha55 i know your package comes monday but you said you still have some kush so you should be fine until then. And yes USPS is back online.

  • @MizterNiceGuy thanks bro looks like we in for a weed filled weekend!

  • @maryjanelover11 hows the pink grapefruit kush pics?

  • I went master kush

  • @Shamisha55 I already had a quarter of master it was great i uploaded pics of that. Im waiting for the nugs to cure a little bit more to post pics of the grape ape and sour pink grapefruit

  • I've found stories like these to be very common these days. Sorry about "informed" "delivery" guys...

  • edited June 2020

    @maryjanelover11 I have a label created but it has not moved since last Wednesday. And unfortunately mine are usually tracked all the way on ID. I’m praying it gets moving today. And I’ve had the pink grapefruit Kush. It is fantastic and beautiful.

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