Master kush is fire..FP not so much

I got my order yesterday of 3 different strains: Fruity pebbles, MK, and space queen
I'll just go ahead and get the bad news out of the way and say I am really dissatisfied with the quality of the FP. I was looking forward to this after having the SLH and with this being more I wouldn't have even bought it...I dont mean to hate but I have not bought bud like this in a long time. It has a slightly sweet smell but there is something that is just kinda off with this one. All the nugs are also very small and I bought a half but I am really not even upset about the size of the nugs as I have smoked great stuff that was small before. I smoked some with a friend and they hated it but I wasn't thinking the same until I rolled up a joint and smoked it. I may just make edibles with this one. I will upload pics of all of the bud once I figure out lol

Onto the Space Queen. Nice big buds with lots of orange hairs and trichs. It has a sweet and kinda cheesy smell. I like it a lot but I am gonna have to smoke more of this one to report on the taste. I saw the smell described as fruit and vanilla I think but I dont get any thing too fruity off this one personally. I will say the smoke seemed dense like those lung expanding hits that make you cough but not in a harsh way. The high definitely felt like a sativa leaning one and I was baked.
The MK is amazing!!! I should have bought an oz of this stuff! Upon opening the smell was not pungent at all but the buds are cured perfect and are some of the frostiest I have seen in awhile. It has that classic kush taste and boy is it tasty! I love the way the nugs break up! Tastes like sweet earthy incense and got me super high. Props to the growers on this one!!!
Order came with the freebie as well.
I have ordered 3 times and would order again but I would honestly be a little hesitant to order greenhouse or outdoor categories again after this fruity pebbles even though I liked the SLH a lot as a budget friendly option. I will try and post pics of all soon.


  • @nefgreen sorry to hear that. After trying the Juicy Fruit, I got the feeling that it was the greenhouse fruity sativa on the menu. That would make the FP...kind of unnecessary and not a good buy on this site. That's the standard Loud has set recently and that's how it must be reviewed, in mercenary style, with respect. Thanks for your review!

    In answer to the question, what is the best sativa/sativa-leaning strain on the menu? My answer now would have to be Lodi Dodi, despite not trying the latest batch. That stuff is always super fine.

    (I can't speak about MedMama's sativa menu at the moment...)

  • @nefgreen thanks for the detailed review bro. I stay away from outdoor strains, been like that for years. Even green house I try to avoid. Only indoor grown for me the quality difference is definitely there.

  • Yeah Its really unfortunate. I was just shocked at the night and day difference between the greenhouse and the indoor bud quality but the price difference wasnt too far off. I feel this stuff should be cheaper than the SLH! Lol
    So to post pics I have to upload them to another URL? I have some taken

  • Here is the master kush

  • And here is the space queen

    And finally the fruity pebbles😐

  • The Space Queen is out of sight. Love it.

  • Space queen looks beautiful 😭 Ordered it a week ago still no label or anything. :(

  • Nice pics all 3 look KUSH

  • Yeah the space queen is great! I like the crazy high it gives you but the master kush is the tastiest of the two. They are both great strains and very pretty. I tried more of the fruity pebbles this morning and still have the same feelings toward it...I know Im smokin weed but thats about it. Kinda reminds me of the BC bud i used to get or at least thats what we called it. SLH was ten times better but costed less and this is only 15 dollars from the indoor price; it just doesn't make sense to me but then again this is the year 2020.

  • @realshmoke420 I hope you get your SQ soon, you will like it

  • Thanks for these reviews! Quality is important to us so I invite you to write to me with your feedback through the contact form and I'll send it along to the shipper. We'd be grateful if you took the time to do that!

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