Outdoor Donkey Butter

Our package of Donkey Butter and Skywalker OG came today...ID said Monday!

First, we still just can't say enough about how great this service is! Easy to order, reliable, excellent nearly worry free packaging, great customer service and most importantly...quality products!

So, we'd never had Skywalker OG or Donkey Butter. I was familiar with Skywalker OG...but I had never even heard of Donkey Butter. I was intrigued to say the least. Did some research of all the newest strains (as I always do) and Donkey Butter checked all the right boxes for an afternoon/evening smoke. We don't smoke sativas and have to be very careful with most hybrids due to anxiety and panic attacks.

Donkey Butter is another MM outdoor home run! Big beautiful nugs...vacuum packed perfectly. The smell was strong...not great...but as with the taste, I now understand where it get's its nickname..."Donkey Butt," because it kinda tastes like a$$. That said, it is a harsher smoke, but the taste really wasn't that bad...earthy. The wife didn't complain.

What an incredible high! Nice and stoney, completely relaxed (!), not "energized," but not really sleepy at all. This may have jumped to the top of my list of afternoon/evening favorites that includes: Sunset Sherbet, Gelato, White Cookies, and Blueberry Muffins. And the best part, it's another superb outdoor! What a bargain! Only at MM!

Can't wait to try the Outdoor Skywalker OG later!


  • Sorry @Shamisha55, I'm not much of a pic guy, maybe someone will post up. For outdoor bud they are big, fat, and beautiful! I have always been so impressed with the outdoor bud here...and the DB is no exception! You will be pleased!

  • @TheProfessor how would u compare it to master kush is it sticky and frosty i here outdoor is nothing compared to the indoor is why I aske because man I seen some pics and I’m really debating on getting an oz of mk and taking a break until July hopefully

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    @Shamisha55 I've never had Master Kush. Even though its mostly indica, I saw some red flags in my research...some paranoia and anxiety. Sounds like most people really like it, and although we might be fine with it, it's not worth it for us to pay just to try it.

    As for indoor v. outdoor v. premium...I'm learning to ignore most of that and keep my eye on the strains that I want for the best price...regardless. I.e. the Premium Blueberry Muffin is some of the prettiest and nicest bid I've had in a long time. Excellent and top shelf! The Donkey Butter we got today is not really frosty or spectacular looking, besides being of good size, firmness, and just nice looking buds...it definitely does not smell of blueberries! But the high is excellent...exactly what I was looking for and as good or better than the Blueberry Muffins or any other premium, indoor, or outdoor I've had from MM. I think I have 8 strains currently...premium, indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor and I can say that the outdoor strains are every bit as powerful as the more expensive strains. For us, the bang for the buck with outdoor strains is simply phenomenal.

  • Your are right but the buds are beautiful I’m thinking of hoarding at this point it will get smoked eventually 😁

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