Shipping options brainstorming

so I wish we had faster shipping options and willing to pay the cost difference but understand the wait for security issues as MM does its best to protect their customers the best they can. Any thoughts or ideas about brainstorming options. Anyone have any ideas to still keep it safe for us and MM but come up with more shipping options?


  • It ain't broke. Don't fix it.

  • I've had quicker shipping than Amazon before, just gotta get lucky & follow instructions.

  • @daCabbie true true. As fast as idea develop Id though id throw it out there as new loopholes are found to research for future business development and efficiency.

  • Some of our clients are lucky and always have fast shipping times, but I'm sorry to report that the number of clients experiencing slow deliveries has gone up since COVID. We're doing our best but asking about other shipping options is legitimate IMO.

    The answer is basically that we chose our shipping options based on the security of our shippers and made that the paramount concern. We're just not willing to compromise on that, so our shipping options have always been and probably always be few.

  • @medboy Very understandable. Stay safe and healthy Dr as we all need you ;)

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