where are the awesome strains go? @medman @medboy?

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where are the awesome strains go? @medman @medboy?


  • They post them when they get them in. Each shipper will post a bunch at a time. You have to just keep checking the site back.

  • @putronogo. Although selection is a bit lean still plenty of good choices. We're working on getting some new stock up there and hopefully very soon a new shipper for yet more choices!

  • @medman out of curiosity, is EB back in or a new one?

  • @Jdtokes My personal GUESS would be EB coming back. Very possible they’ve had multiple tests done and come back negative now, so they assume they’re safe to ship again.
    On the other hand, if not, I’m VERY interested to see where the new shipper is from, if not EB. Imagine one from the East Coast? RI, MI, and the such.

  • MI was on lockdown for the most part due to the governor and the virus. My friend's dad lives there and said it was bad for a while. Bad enough he wanted to move back here lol.

    Hopefully they have the product to make a name for themselves and stick it out. They have some good competition amongst shippers.

  • @PieMan it would probably be strategic if they came back under a different name unless they plan on hitting it out of the park consistently.

  • Loud just posted a few new strains, FYI.

  • @jdtokes it will be a new one. I've been working really hard to find someone, but keep losing them in the vetting process. It's a very unusual position to try to fill!

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    @medman, I would apply for the job but I fear federal prison...

    I will take a job writing menu descriptions for your website, though. I work for any modest combination of CBG bud and Mother's Milk, the best strain I've ever smoked.

    @medmama, whoever grew that stuff, not many moons ago, please get more...you know I don't ask much!

  • @georgetirebiter will keep that under advisement. lol

  • @medman I don't know what all that entails, but I think I have an idea. I would love to be able to fill a position like that and wish I were in a state to do so lol. Pretty much would be a dream job!

  • Get someone thats able to get some highgrade sour d . Jet fuel etc high end sativa's please . Not saw any high grade sd in way over a yr. Last jet fuel I got was fire and the smell was take it out side and open really smelled just like deasel fuel give you a buzz just from the smell

  • Jet fuel! @Tac, Never had it but there was a really good strain that came out of nowhere for me on this site...was it Violet Vixen that was Jet Fuel and Gelato, maybe? Whatever it was, it made me want to try it.

  • The jet fuel i rec'd was some of the best iv had in several yrs . I think it was better than sour d. I wish I had chance to try the violet vixen those strains just don't come back very often

  • TacTac
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    Last time I was in a legel state Wich was less than 6 months. about every place I went to had true sour deasel. Idk it most be hard to get now days .

  • I see medmoma as some green house . Am going to hold off tho and wait for lound to hopefully up date menu

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