Question about shatter sampler pack

Can you select diamonds for this?


  • Hmmm good question. I know you can do diamonds as the add on. May be like premium strains with only 1 diamond and rest shatter/wax. @medboy ?

  • I’m very curious of this as well, I did the Add-On for my recent one, and requested both half grams be diamonds so hopefully that works out.

  • @medman @medboy please let me know what is possible here. Order pending.

  • @MikeyC I’ll for sure update you. Anxiously awaiting...

  • I ended up ordering just doing most of one as a 2 gram and added on a 1/2 g of the other. For next time I definitely would like to know though.

  • @MikeyC I should find out today, so I’ll pop back in when that time comes.

  • @MikeyC Very unfortunate to see that you can only get SHATTER. Received a note from MM stating that.

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    I could’ve swore I’d seen you could have atleast one .5g of diamonds, or someone had received it. Mildly disappointed I didn’t even get a second one that was different, just one gram of the same one. I could very well be wrong, and be thinking of the sampler, but I swore someone got diamonds with an Add-on. I mean, personally, I think the price is fair enough for it...

    EDIT: I found this thread, , so @medman whats the consensus on this? I requested a .5 of O.G. Kush & .5 of Mimosa(both diamonds) for my add on. I only did that because I saw that thread, personally would not have ordered if it was only shatter, as I’m not much of a shatter person. I received 2, .5Grams of mimosa. While I do love mimosa, and cannot complain as it’s of course quality, I’d just like a solid answer on this.

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    🤔 yeah I made that post. I am supposed to be receiving .5 g diamonds of Mimosa today as an add-on. Will definitely let you know what i get. I ordered 2 addons on a more recent order of diamonds too...will be upset if I get just shatter..I stated “no subs” I know that

    Update: received my bud sampler package, however my add on of .5 g of Mimosa diamonds is MIA..sorry MB sending another message your way..

  • I got a package today and it didn't melt. Let's see what's up also tonight with this wedding cake flower...

  • @medman Any possibility we could hear info on this topic?

  • Asked for a diamond add on. Got white rhino shatter. Melted. Its just like honey sap. Good. But hard to handle and get out. Taste is good high is wow. Just messy as hell and pulls long strings as well

  • I mean my only argument for it, is the fact we are paying $30 a half gram, or $55 a full gram. They wouldn’t be losing any money on the diamonds compared to normal sales... but I do not know how in depth their process is so I cannot argue much.

  • I should be getting some add on diamonds in my order tomorrow “no subs”..since my Mimosa addon was missing in my last order..I’m not sure what to expect tomorrow..will be really bummed to not get the OG Kush and Tropicana Diamonds..🤞🏼

  • I am clarifying this with the shippers. Will respond here when we have a decision.

  • Yeah- I added a sample of diamond and received shatter, after ordering diamond. Life goes on.

  • Life indeed goes on. I figure if the shippers don’t feel they want to ship out half grams of diamonds, it is their shop, we will live with it as before.

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    Received latest MedMama order today..ordered the sampler of distillates (even though technically it’s not on the menu)..requested Mango Haze, Icecream Cake, and Lemon Cake..received 4 syringes of Mango Haze..@medman @medboy I put no subs on the order and also the sampler details..wasn’t this ok’d a while back? Also ordered two more addons of Diamonds, but received shatter..looks like SFK & and something chem..I’ll use the shatter, but definitely would have preferred last order was missing my addon of mimosa diamonds with no shatter either..I’m sure this is an influx of orders and everything else..I’m very appreciative of this service and the shippers. Any chance this can get straightened out? Thx!

  • @superman38NC I believe there are talks going on, just to decide if the idea of diamonds is actually feasible for the shippers. MB and I were speaking, and he did say he’d get it straightened out for me. So I’m sure within the next couple days we can expect an update regarding it.

  • @superman38NC I just attempted the same as what you stated with the sirynges based on the assumption that we were allowed to do this. Did you get a variety or all 4 of the same kind? I also stated no substitutions, so we'll see.

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    Thx @PieMan! I would be willing to pay more if need be. Maybe $120 or so for a Diamond sampler? I understand they’re a little more $.

    @Jdtokes i requested a variety, but received 4 of the Mango Haze..thats what I selected to describe the sampler. It’s excellent!.., but I will never burn through 4 syringes of it..I like variety.

  • @superman38NC That's what I'm afraid of. I specified it all out so hopefully by a miracle, they hook it up. If not, it would suck but won't be the end of the world.

  • Yeah that’s how I feel..I will say I wouldn’t have ordered 4 syringes of 1 strain. I would have paid the extra and picked 2.

  • I’d have to agree with @superman38NC I would definitely pay just the slightest bit more for a diamond sampler/add-on. However I understand that’d be another item to slow the process a bit.

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