Knock. Knock....

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Who's there?

Hey Man, it's Dave. Open up.

Dave's not here man... he's at the protest.

Hey Man, I would go protest, but I'm properly medicated at the moment... Hey, open up. It's me, Dave.


  • Are you high?

  • Me thinks he is. We all just did this bit like a month ago 😀

  • Those are not protests dude

  • @Jdtokes At some point someone will have to say screw being PC all the time and just say the truth. Burning down the country and causing chaos is not protesting and to make matters worse its in the memory of the innocent man who lost his life. They may of even had a point but thats long gone after what they did to the communities. I said I wouldnt speak politics and now I have so I think ive said enough. back to herb speak.

  • @maryjanelover11 While I agree that looting and vandalism/damaging businesses is unacceptable, it's really only one angle of the whole picture. The world watched a man die right in front of our eyes, on video, rewind it and play it back, because the man who died isn't coming back. There is unrest and I completely agree with the peaceful protests, not that other shit. This is 2020 and us "potheads" are supposed to be of the counterculture and forward thinking, and damn it, racism is as real as the awesome weed that we smoke. It is time for something to change and I'll leave it at that. One race, the human race.

  • There are good people and bad people no matter where they're from regardless of religion, color, sex, etc.

  • @Jdtokes I agree.. 100%. It’s all about who you are at heart man. Your damn soul... intentions are everything! None of the other stuff really matters!

  • Hey you know what isn't in the news anymore? Protests against government lockdowns. It's as if that may have been the goal.

  • Not much about covid either.

  • these protest I believe are nothing but trying to destroy this great nation the people do not care who is hurt. If we as the human race would look to God and read His word try and live more as my Savoir Jesus teaches this would not be, but we must remember that Satan is the prince of the air and he is looking whm he can destory

  • Thank you jesus, thank you lord

  • @tdk329 , @WilliamDavidHowell - Glad to finally read a couple of comments here that honor Jesus - see II Chronicles 7:12-16 and Revelations 3:20 (KJV) - Let us NOT forget the unseen and imprisoned victims of the 50 year "War on Drugs" still in effect - From 1970 to 2020! ( a policy formulated by the only president ever forced to leave the office - Richard M. Nixon ( aka the notorious "Tricky Dick" - " I am not a crook!")

  • It's always nice to see people open up. Thanks.

  • We all should stay in Gods word I once was not saved and thanks to Jesus sending a WW11 vet in my life that I know went threw landing on Anzioa how God protected him all the bullets and people dying ocean was red with blood and how God was with him changed my life said to myself this God is all that I need and now I try to live for my Savior ever day. In Gods word it tell us that He gave these herbs and tree for our meds and I do believe this. When Moses led Israel to the promise land they made and oil from these herbs that heals and what has happen is BIG PHARMA and our government do you know that the USA has patent on marijuana something God give all of us. this is the way that I feel when these confrontation arise all parties should be made to sit down and smoke a bowl of His herb then maybe cooler heads can come to great compromize

  • IO agree @WilliamDavidHowell. That and a big distraction from the Hillary hearings and other things. I find it amazing the things we are seeing and the things written in Revelation and the book of Daniel.

  • @WilliamDavidHowell Bless bro. I also always wondered what would happen if everyone just came together for a sesh instead of waring it out. I used to smoke and be like God doesnt exist but thank God Ive been blessed. I do love God and I believe in him. Amen.

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