Vape Devices for Concentrates (opinions)

Hello Medicine Man family! I thought it would be interesting to get some of your opinions on your favorite dab rigs, e-rigs, concentrate pens, etc. for shatter, wax, diamonds and all the extracts.

I don’t trust myself with a torch so I have only had e-rigs. I have owned the Cloud Electro dab rig and it was a VERY good product. The only downfall, the cost and durability of the replacement nails. This product felt solid.

Right now I need a new rig and have been looking at the KandyPens Oura (sp?) but that is a hefty price tag!

Currently to Vape my concentrates I have been using the Mig Brain Fogger. It is awesome. I would compare it to a dab pen atomizer size wise, but it gives more of a dab rig experience.

So what are some of your favorite devices to consume extracts??


  • I have 2 vessel pens for distillate and diamonds and a VleafGO for flower.

    The vessels are spendy but the quality is top notch. The air ports are placed in the right location and the cap can loosen to let more air in or tighten to limit air. The battery has 3 voltage settings and the pen battery lasts a long time. I bought a atomizer for the diamonds to go with it but I haven't tried that out yet.

    I won't go into detail about the vleafgo since you wanted info on concetrates. I do think they're getting an attachment at some point for concetrates but I need to verify that.

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    I really like my pax 3..use it multiple times a day..flower..concentrates..perfect for being discreet..decent battery life..really brings out the terp flavors..little pricey but worth it

  • A simple eleaf Pico 25 and a SAI atomizer with a Molecule coil will do the trick

  • Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I am going to look at each and every one. I guess I have tried so many different regular dab pens, the older styles like Dr Dabber light, and just didn’t get much out of them. Thank you everyone truly appreciated

  • Very welcome @Kris10! If you go with the pax I can recommend a couple inexpensive add-ons

  • I don't dab anymore. I'm out of that field now, sorry for my obsolescence.

  • From what I've researched, the kandypen is pretty much tops for pens.
    If your interested in something like the oura, take a close look at the switch by dr dabber.
    It's gotten fantastic reviews from many sources.
    It's super versatile.
    I never dreamed I'd spend that much on a smoking device, but after quite a bit of looking around at options and learning, I bought one the other day.
    Weedpedia with a discount code is 300.00 even.
    The same kind of raves for the firefly 2+ at $250.00 if you want something pocket size that also handles flower/ paste / oil.
    Somehow it changes temps during the toke to burn the cdb, thc, terps at their optimal temp. It connect to your phone by blue tooth to super fine adjust heat settings. Even a slide bar for thick clouds or smooth flavor, which sounds economical to me.

    These are both high tech toys that should pay for themselves by getting more out of smoking less.

    The switch has 25 heat settings and more options than I can explain. It also gives a selection of cool light shows while setting there doing nothing If I desire. Very pretty and soothing. Almost reminds me of the ol lava lamps.

    I haven't had a chance to use either yet. I'm waiting for my first order from med man.

    It's driving me bat balls cuz the PO is denying me informed delivery. Half the fun of buying things online is tracking, and I'm obviously particularly interested to watch this one come my way.
    I ama itchin to break my new toys in.

    Whatever you decide, I'm sure you'll get mega ripped from it. Enjoy!

  • @superman38NC I too have a PAX 3. I'm glad to hear it'll handle concentrates. I've never really tried them before; if you don't count that one time I took a dab hit from some crazy looking 3' water pipe that knocked me on my ass for several hours. Does the concentrate get gunky or does it just dry up like the flower does?

    For anyone who knows.. Do the diamonds melt into a clog-fest or does it just dry up, too (like flower) when vaped?

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