Half gram cart problem

I got the 2 half gram carts and 80% of one of them solid looks like brown ice. It doesn’t turn into a liquid when it is heated up when in use. Anyone know what this is or what I can do with the solid part?


  • Contact MedBoy and let him know.

  • The problem is that it is crystallized. I swiped below from a website:

    It needs to be put back into solution which is easy to do using gentle heat. CBD melts at 70 C (~160F). Follow one of 2 ways:

    Remove cartridge from battery. Place in oven at 200 F for 5-10 minutes. Make sure the vape is standing upright. This prevents any leakage through the mouthpiece. Do not put your battery in the oven!
    Remove cartridge from battery. Place in a waterproof bag like a Ziplock with as much air pushed out as possible. Run the bag under hot water for ~5 minutes until the CBD is liquid again.

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    @MikeyC thank you! I wasn’t sure if I could just heat it up like that. Normally just stick with flower. I appreciate it.

  • There are no electronics. It is a coil that heats up, the oil, and glass (I looked it up in the past).

  • I used to take a pair of tweezers and hold the cart up to low heat from a hair dryer..that normally did the trick

  • I use a heat gun works like a charm.

  • @SlapThatBass Were your half gram vapes the live resin or are they from loud? Curious because I have some live resin vapes that are like that.

  • @Jdtokes they we’re from loud, I don’t use carts a lot. I want to since they are so easy to bring everywhere I heard the 1g refills our good. Have you tried those?

  • @SlapThatBass the vape refills are pretty good, it's what I order the most. Some tend to have a little more flavor than others, but the quality of the oil is always good.

  • @Bobs_Vagana thanks for that, I heard they are strong and the price is great.

  • @SlapThatBass I only order the vape syringe refills and they are just as good as the prefilled vapes if you don’t mind using a hair dryer to heat it up a few seconds because the oil is too difficult to get out of the syringe without a little heat. But definitely top quality

  • @Kris10 another method I use is running the syringe under hot tap water for a minute. I use the Ccell carts which can be a little tedious getting the oil from syringe to cart without making a mess. Twisting the cart slowly while filling helps a lot.

  • Has anyone tried dabbing the refills?

  • @nefgreen I've done it. Works great so long as you don't let the plastic syringe come in contact with the hot nail. You do not want to inhale melting plastic!

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