Jolly Chips

Two questions. Gonna order some Jolly Chips. Any reviews on it and suggested dosage for newbie. Been many years. Thanks.


  • They are like jolly ranchers. Only 25 mg so, depends on how much you need. Some people only need 1. Some need 4. Beware this is summer heat and they do melt in transit. Only the salt water taffies are individually wrapped. I've tried them all. Jolly Chip, gummy bear and gumdrops, to me they're all the same. Def good quality. I just require a much higher dose.

  • Thanks. Think I try 1/2 piece, then see what happens.

  • The medicated starbursts from loud are also individually wrapped.

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    Yeah, I've gotten one giant jolly chip in the summer before that I had to chip apart with a knife. They still worked, but dosing is about impossible that way, especially when you're eating a bunch of crumbs. The gum drops are my favorite.

  • Just use a scale to dose (and a calculator)

  • I got the starbursts, I am a very light smoker, rarely do I take more than 4 hits at a time. I was really disappointed with them overall. I ate all 14 in 2 days and was very hesitant at first bc I do know how edibles creep but I barely felt a buzz. A complete waste of 75$ in my opinion

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