Would be nice

I wish all of us on this site could meet in a legal state and have mm and mb there . Stay a few days and go back home . So maybe in the next year don't know if the crew would go with it . But we would be deff- be showing how much this site meens to all of us that relayed on it .


  • I'll pass.

  • Although I have thought of that myself before, I just don’t see it happening, many people wouldn’t be comfortable meeting up with a bunch of strangers online, plus look up the “Appalachian Meeting”. It was a mafia meeting in the 50’s, local authorities got wind, and many members from around the world were locked up, the mob never met in large groups like that again. I guess what I’m trying to say is that would be an awesome idea on paper, but I just don’t see it working out unfortunately.

  • That would be very fun but due to risk I don’t think a good idea

  • Yea now that I think with a straight head me either

  • Definitely an awesome dream! Maybe it can happen when they make it legal federally

  • Yeah that won't be happening but fun idea!

  • Yeah, with this forum being open, imagine who might show up.

  • @Sixwaychili is right. This forum is open to the public... There is probably feds here that never order, watching all of us. That's why Medman clearly said never share personal information no matter what.

  • Ummmmm. No.

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