Site down

502 bad gateway . Is what I keep getting


  • Yea I ordered on the 8th at 7am showed up in informed delivery, was taking down. Now I'm getting 502 bad gateway.

  • Question. Is it not showing on informed delivery anymore . That don't sound right

  • No it's not showing. Shipping label was created and showed that for 2 days now it's gone.

  • Ok never had that happen before .iv saw bad gateway several times in the past and it was always fixed

  • Well hopefully it will get fixed.

  • Keep me posted . Don't worry to much

  • Thanks. Lol, always something when I run out haha

  • So, not showing on informed delivery but got a notification from USPS stating arrival will be Monday, so I'm not sure if there was a glitch or what happened.

  • Yea I wouldn't worry about informed delivery iv had alot of problems with them .

  • Yea, I'm staring to notice the issues.

  • Am just a little concerned about the web site doing alot of thinking right now

  • If something happened don't think it would be giving the gateway .

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  • Others say it happened before and got fixed....let's hope. Lol

  • Yes it's working now. Sorry for the scare.

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