Saturday June 20th.... it's almost here!

The summer solstice, the longest day of the year, or the day your plants become young ladies... no matter what you call it, it's almost here...

Mine started to flower about two weeks ago... I moved them out of direct light to a more indirect light...

If you don't have plants in the ground by now it's probably too late for this year... maybe try some autoflower.


  • Trying some in my areogarden, just started!

  • You can start non auto plants now. Just know the size and yield will not be near the same. It will act like an auto. As soon as it is mature enough it will start to flower

  • Mid June seems kind of early for outdoor flowering to start but hey it’s 2020, anything goes πŸ˜„

  • @funkynugz ... it is a little early for my area. But they are a good size and healthy, so I'm just gonna let them be... I had to move them for security reasons and the lighting is different in their new location... but it did give me the chance to sex them early and clear out the males.

    Plants are happy, I'm happy, all is good in this world.... kinda.

  • Flowering wont start till 12/12 πŸ’‘. But plants started now will not have time to get big. Will yield more like a closet grow than a 6 to 8 ft outdoor plant.

  • Hey ya, that's right....

    I'm so confused. June 20th is the longest day... 12/12 days comes at th equanox?

    Learn something new everyday.

  • I'm testing stuff out this year...growing mainly CBD weed. Some spots just seem to call for cannabis. Other spots seem great but don't work for some reason.

    Luckily I don't depend on my own growing abilities...another reason to thank this site.

  • @daCabbie if they're flowering now you should have bountiful buds by a (typical for my area) mid-October harvest, so congrats!

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