Concentrates and Payment Suggestions

Hello to the community looking for help, I am first time customer looking for suggestions on shatter or premium wax from Med Mama. I downloaded Paxful Wallet to purchase bitcoin is this a good option? Also how do I pay with cash app on Paxful. Any incite would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


  • If you already have Cash App then you don't need Paxful too. You can send Bitcoin directly from Cash App using these instructions:

  • @medboy thank you for responding. Now how would I go about the order process from there. Do I need a wallet address from medicineman? I see where it tells you to order and you fill out that sheet.

  • @BonsBash98 After you make your order, they'll give you the wallett address with the confirmation and send it to your email address as well.

  • @OneLove has got it right!

  • @BonsBash98 I know positively myself that the med mama vapes a bit expensive but they have some of the best oil in them. I haven't had the shatter and soon will try. I does cost about but its def cheaper by almost half of why Dispensary in IL and CHI chage and prob better quality the some Legal brick and mortar stores stores

  • Which one has lower fees? Coin mama or cash app?

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