Got my order from may 30 and it was a post office mishap. Thank you all including our members ;)

Thank you MM @medboy. The package was delivered actually on jun 6 and i didn't get till today may 19. The post office forgot to scan the delivery and not today that found it misplaced. so I got it today unopened or tampered with so it was not MM or shippers fault as they sent it out 2 days after I ordered so I apologize for getting anyone riled up over a late shipment cause MM turley keeps to every promise and cares for their patients. Surprise I got my next order I placed on like Sunday the june 14 today on the 16.. cant even explain how elated I was to get both and know my first one was not stolen. Always trust in MM. Ive been able to get off my benzos for anxiety and Vyvanse for ADHD in an all natural way. Cant forget the members of our group on how supportive they have been together and helped newbies on the forums. Remember stay secure and enjoy the gift we are given. Thank you all


  • @rasta0458 those vyvanse ain’t no joke!! Most ppl don’t even know what they are. My doctor wrote em for me and I couldn’t handle em lol! Talking about not sleeping! And I’m out of bud now. Today is day 9 so if I don’t get it today it will be at least 11 days. Every1 else ordered the same and got theirs super fast. My id just shows mail. No labels or packages so idk

  • Happy for you bro! Enjoy the bud

  • What a nightmare, though!

  • @medboy I remember telling you usps showed it out for delivery then they still said if was so then thinking neighbors stone and next day I had both small boxes out of the blue packaged still as the shipper sent out. So they prob missed but they have been fking yp with latley at my local usps, According from the TKG# it would have arrived in 3 days rather then 6 days or so as it was misplaced by usps a block from me l0. which is outstand so please stay safe and secure as always so thank you guys

  • @rasta0458 i got my hash and shatter that I ordered the 18th and ordered the gelato 33 I ordered on the 11th. I’m kinda confused on why 1 came before the other

  • @WDEgkj I'm def not thinking we are having issues from MM or the shippers especially that they are catching up on orders and shipping since COVID and riots slowed us down. I know for a fact sps is have their own internal issues cause i've talked to others that have gotten all kinds of packages and mail lost, redirected and even showed up weeks after it was said to be delivered and those i've talked to don't even know about or get the products we get here so its def USPS. Even my close relative in Southern IL has been getting her computer parts packages delivered out of the blue 1-2 weeks after ID or tracking # show there were delivered so a lost of people are thinking their shit is getting stolen or like a few here are worried about postal inspections but that's not the case so stay at ease everyone l0l. USPS seems to be the best way for us despite their issues lately. A past cp-worker of mine is at our main usps office and tells of how unorganized and careless USPS runs and her co-workers come and go as they want and a lot of routes get incomplete and put off to another worker next day so that kinda gives an idea of our USPS issues lately for anyone how cares or has had worries.

  • @rasta0458 im very patient. I mean I know they are trying hard as they can and shit happens. I got 1 order from last Thursday yesterday and was from MM. I split the other order and LC I’m thinking may have messed up. I sure was looking forward to that gelato 33 tho lol! And about ID, packages I order from here never show up in there. I live in Apts and I’m home when she runs and she has to open 1 big door for all the mail and I’ll watch her scan it and check ID and it’s not there lol

  • Happened to me once! Post office put it in wrong mailbox. Thankfully an uninhabited one! After a few weeks, I called, they called back, looking into it, next day my packages were delivered, like new. Whew! Boy was I happy....

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