I gotta say... I think I FINALLY found the one...

I ordered my sample a few days back... I was a little intimidated by the bitcoin aspect but I did some research, got a wallet by installing Exodus, bought some bitcoin, and placed the order just like they asked me to! I even got payment received notification like 30 minutes after sending it to the wallet... Everything seems great... I was even able to find the tracking number for the package by signing into my usps account (free).. i am now tracking it and it should be here in 2-3 days.. I can't wait to receive it and try the sample shatter... looking forward to being a regular customer for life!!! I will def review and comment when it gets here! Thanks so much for medman and medboy and all the folks behind the scenes for making this possible!


  • My sample arrived and even included a free 50mg gummy edible! The shatter was also there of course and def gets me high and tastes pretty good, not sure what kind it is... all i know is... for my first realllll order, im def ordering some diamondsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!! you have a customer for life medman and medboy!! thanks for all that u do and make possible!

  • Diamonds - please tell me how to use those!

  • wntpce: Google "dabbing".

  • I have seen dabs before. I have never personally done it. But willing to try!

  • It's an investment. You have to buy a special bong, something called a "nail," a dabbing tool (something long so you don't burn your fingers!), a blowtorch and butane fuel. Oh yeah, and the concentrate, too. That's a lot of money just to take your first dab.

    But on the other hand, for patients who need the most potent, immediate relief, there's nothing else like it.

  • Yea, I think I will stick with what I know. (At least for now)

    Thank you!

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