Gummies bears or saltwater taffy anyone?

Any one have any experience with the Gummy Bears or Saltwater Taffy. both are 25mg per piece. Never tried edibles so I'm curious on if they are worth trying and if so how does one 25mg piece get you feeling and how long. I know everyone's bodys are different but just looking for a baseline so I have an idea of how the editables are compared to just flower.


  • I've tried both. I prefer the gumdrops. The gumdrops are larger and easier to break into pieces. The gummies are the smallest and most discreet. The taffy are too chewy for my teeth. The effects of the gumdrop and taffy are stronger than the gummy bear for me.

  • Think Ill try 2 yeah of the taffy and try 2 of the gumdrops. Thank for the input @MikeyC

  • Mine melted.... I think it’s unavoidable now.

  • The gumdrops are the way to go wish they had them right now though

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    Gumdrops are most preferred imo..between gummie bears and taffy id pick’s fast acting and really helps me sleep at night..have too much you will feel it the next morning

  • @fayshowers You know they are out of stock? Just asking cause they were on the order form and I added them to my order a day or 2 ago.

  • Ohh btw cant anyone reference the effects like how fast is onset, Type of high, and how much dose to start with to feel effects. I smoke prob 2 bowls every other day so I wouldn't say i have a heavy tolerance compared to a day to day user but never had edibles before so an idea of dosage to start with, onset time, and duration of effects would help plan first time editable use for me and other. BTW thanks for the feedback guys as your reviews have been more positive then I assumed they might be. I asked about the coffee in another thread in the past and had very mixed reviews so i opted to not try it yet until there's a few more reviews to tell if its a buy, a 1 time try, or no go.

  • It's different for everyone, but I feel it after about 30 minutes of taking just one 25mg gum drop. You might want to take a half to start and see how it goes. The gumdrops are easy to cut. I know some people just eat them by the handful, but I find that to be pretty wasteful and expensive. They seem to be made with a 50/50 hybrid to me. Feel the body and talkative/creative highs. I've taken 3 before and it just makes me pass out and waste the high.

  • Trying the Medmama's Gumdrops. No more guessing. No sampling. Diving in head first.

  • I just bought 4 more canisters.

  • Do they not melt for y’all??

  • The gum drops have not melted for me. The shatter chips definitely do.

  • I like the cubes, a 25mg gives me a chill, mellow body high. Similar with the jolly chips. The jolly chips give a nice zesty burn as you suck on them.The chips get stuck together. Haven't had the cubes melt! The cubes melt easily in a cup of coffee, also, FYI! :lol: Recently tried the taffy, I found that one to be really nice, reeaaaaally nice body high. Gummy bears I find similar to the cubes. I just ordered the lollipops, can't wait to try them! Also had a 50mg chocolate chip cookie as a freebie, wow, that sat me down real goodlike. I used to be one of those "edibles don't do anything to me" guys, but now I find that they all CREEP up on me. Like, four hours later I'm just staring at the wall like "huh?!"

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