To al MM customers and Forum members, feel free to ask if you need payment and method (BTC) help

I've seen many payment as in BTC and Payment methods on her lately and most of it is stated on the infor rules page but please feel free to ask me as im on her daily and i've worked in Crypto and financials industries or others and some stuff but most on payments info are on the main info home page and ordering rules. But I can help with most payment and BTC issues you are having


  • What’s the cheapest way to buy bitcoin? I do use a credit and debit card and also cash app. I just want the way to acquire less extra fees. I think my credit card charges a cash advance fee when using coinmama as well.

  • What an awesome offering!

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    Maybe sum up for people that their need should drive their service.

    I need to do this on my computer, not a phone. I don't care about fees. By virtue of this being illegal, given I could buy elsewhere, I choose to piss away money. In return, what I get is speed. When Fruit Loops comes out, I buy in five minutes. Less. And I never have bitcoin on hand, nor do I care how it's trading. I just buy with a debit card. A service like Xcoins is perfect.

    CashApp fills a need for some people, and I get it, but I don't care about anonymity, not here.

    Those seem to be two different kinds of users and it leads to a real disconnect on these forums. I hear people ranting about their banks holding them up and I just don't get it because it's not my experience. I get that it's a real experience, though. Not knocking anyone, just saying there might be an advantage to my stupid, head-in-the-clouds philosophy of just accepting that the game is rigged and embrace the ripoff.

    Then I smoke herb. Today: Revisiting Jaeger, mixed with purple abacus.

    Pretty sure I have COVID-19 and have for at least a week. High-THC cannabis is messing with my lungs. Strangely, my hemp cannabis seems to improve my lung function. I guess that's a discovery for another day...

    Back to bitcoin...

  • I use Bitquick. They charge a 2% fee for hooking you up with a list of sellers. I order from one, it takes me 15 minutes to go deposit the money at the bank and bitquick sends the bitcoins directly to MM. For me, it works.

  • I use 2 different service coinmoma and xcoins I personally haven't had any problems with either of them . Very easy and convenient .

  • Is there a video or link on how to use cash app?

  • @pettkatt there are some on youtube:

  • It has been so much easier and faster since switching from coinbase pro to cashapp for me

  • I had issues with cashapp so I don't use it, but it's great that it works well for others.

  • I use Coinbase. My fee is usually $3, I purchase up to $200 of medicine usually at a time.

    With a checking and debit card, bitcoin is available within minutes and ready to send out. Coinbase initial use can take up to 6 days before you can send out bitcoin.

    I used Coinmama before but the fee was $10, too much of a fee.

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    @georgetirebiter feel better!

  • I usually buy on Coinbase then transfer to a digital BTW wallet on windows 10 and then use my digital wallet to pay for orders. Its still extremely secure just sending payments directly from your CoinBase account but I choose to use the CoinBase->Transfer->Pay method for an extra step in security. The other method I use is But BTC on CashApp due to little to no fees and eaiter pay for orders directly from CashApp or use the CashApp->Transfer->Pay. Coinbase has undesirable fee's but is much more secure then CashApp since CoinBase is their own exchange. CashApp has little to no fee's but a bit less secure since CashApp goes over your cell provider to their servers and then transferred to Squared serves and then transferred to a third party BTC exchange. Both are more then secure enough for our use but that's just a run down of the differences of actual exchanges and a third party exchange service/app.

  • I was scammed through cashapp so I deleted it. I have a bitcoin atm close to my house I personally use that. I said this before but this forum truly makes me trust MM and MB because all of your are Hella positive and give great feedback ! I see NO COMPLAINTS

  • You * (stupid iPhones 😆)

  • @suchacutie89 we do occasionally see complaints on here. In general, if there's a problem, we ask that people write to me directly through the contact form and most of the time, we can solve it. We are honest people but I don't want to give the impression that we're perfect.

  • @medboy I can definitely respect that ! I’m personally just glad I’ve found this company ! Truly thanks for what you guys do !!

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