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@medboy I recently just order some shatter today @5:24pm EST. I received my confirmation email around the same time with the amount of BTC to send and what address to send it to. I followed the steps and sent it over. By 6:00pm I had gotten the email that you received my payment. I thought everything was fine and smooth no problem. 8pm I received another email for another order I did not purchase with another amount of BTC to be sent. I know for a fact I didn’t create two orders. Hope I can get some help with this issue. And it doesn’t effect my actual order.


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    Is there someone you have visited with today who is not too smart...knows about this website... and has your email address ?
    Medicineman is not even aware of your order until you send the payment...so forget about it !

  • Nope very odd

  • Well I got TWO confirmations the other day for the same order so I'm guessing their system's just acting up. Didn't order it? Don't pay it.

  • Just a glitch don’t worry about it. I get two confirmation emails all the time too it’s just a glitch in the system sometimes

  • I also got 2 payment confirmations. It happens.

  • @Theboyua is right. We've been doing work on our email system and these glitches have been the result. I hope we have all of this ironed out soon!

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    Whenever you order, if you stay on Medicine Mans Confirmation Page, and say you go to another app or something and you go back to that same Confirmation Screen you already have loaded (usually mobile devices) it auto reloads that page and makes it create a new order.

    Pay once, receive confirmation and you’re fine.

    The other duplicate orders get deleted in 72 hours.

    So, to avoid this, once you receive your confirmation email, close out the Medicine window/page.

    (I use iPhone XR)

  • Hey, yeah, that's probably it!

  • @Looper1 this definitely is what I do and this makes complete since !

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