Item out for delivery but never came. All the other mail came. Anyone had this happen before?

My item was supposed to be delivered tomorrow but It changed to today and went out for delivery 7 am. All the other mail came but the package never came. My mail person has done this before where she forgot and came back and put it in the mail box. This time she didn't. Can I call the post office to ask them where it is? Or is that not recommended. Im honestly so upset right now. Not sure what the mail persons problem is but they keep doing this. Any suggestions?


  • Thank Christ above. False alarm... just came back and left it. a whole hour after she delivered the first package. I really am getting paranoid af. I thought for sure she figured out what it was and jacked it. Or it got lost. Fuck I need to chill. Thank God its here though, Black cherry soda time. Pics and review later. Also bubba kush review coming soon.

  • They'd probably ask for tracking info and MM won't give that up for two weeks. I'd just sit tight for a day.

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    @maryjanelover11 I totally understand..I had a package a month or so ago that traveled the country for a few weeks. It can be stressful with the unknowns..most other packages Im usually not so anxious to’s like Christmas morning opening these packages 😂..I’m supposed to get 2 packages today! reship order from Loud..put “no subs” on that one so hopefully it’s premium Sundae Driver..any of the recents will definitely do (well anything but Lod Dodi). Since that one was lost I ordered the Medmama GH Sundae we’ll see.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your BCS pics..still have about 4 g’s from the premium offerings a few months back..still one of my fav midday flowers.

  • Here they sometimes do deliveries for packages separate from regular us mail. My guy does his packages earlier in the morning 🤟

  • Same here @funkynugz . Sometimes my packages come around 9 am and my actual mail comes at 12.

  • Wow thanks for solving an old mystery for me y’all!
    They actually do deliver twice a day sometimes!
    Man i just couldn’t figure out what was going on!!
    I Guess i couldn’t believe they’d do that!

  • What day did you order? I was hoping my black cherry soda would come today too! I ordered late last Sunday night myself with some dirty girl too! I’m in Alabama too.

  • @maryjanelover11 my guess is you have another house with the same number but a different street and bro thank God she double checks herself and retracts...glad you got hour later not too bad. 😉

  • My mail lady forgets to drop off my package all the time but comes back. I think she smokes weed, too.

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    @Loudpack1022 I've spoken to her before she is a very nice lady. Probably had a lot of mail and missed it because it's happened at least 4 times before and she always comes back. I guess she checks the carts are empty in her truck before she leaves the complex.

    @Stab_Snipers My "hood" lol has 2 delivery ladies. One for the week and one for weekends. Both super nice but i doubt they blaze. Who knows though I could be wrong. Never know.

    @PettKatt I ordered last week 24th, had the money in by 12:01 am Thursday (25th) Got it today originally it was supposed to be here tomorrow. I hope you get it bro.

    @superman38NC This ID stuff gets hectic sometimes lol

    @JaymeeG Thanks for the response, she came back. The neighborhood I live in is like a complex. Its not gated but you enter into it like its some sort of separate division. I noticed it takes the mail ladies at least 2 hours to deliver all the mail so she probably finished and noticed a package was left. Its happened before. I wonder if they have AC i those trucks... its hot af

    @OneLove It might be different for apartment complexes like someone else said but hey at least we all get our medicine!

    @funkynugz She doubled back but I think that's actually smarter. To leave envelopes and packages separately. Mix ups probably happen because the other day some dude walked by my house carrying a huge box. I asked him what it was after we spoke for a while and he said he always gets someone else's mail and he was sending it to them lol. USPS ain't perfect but it gets the job done.

  • Mine came today too! I’m impressed!!

  • It's because its shipped priority

  • @maryjanelover11 On Mondays USPS is more busy than usual is my theory. You can request them to hold it for pickup at the place. You shouldnt worry too much they barely have the $$$ to do inspect packages

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