Let’s talk concentrates. What are some of your favorites, and why? I’m just getting into dabbing and ordered some GSC wax. This stuff reeks like actual GSC and I’m not sure how, but boy is it pleasant. I probably won’t be getting “wax” again soon because it’s more of a crumble, which is just too messy for me. What are you’re favorite strains when it comes to shatter? Diamonds?


  • I like any kind of shatter. For some reason it’s always been my favorite I don’t know why. But with that being said I had to cut it out because it’s seriously messed up my tolerance level and just bud wasn’t getting me high anymore and bud is my first love. If I had any willpower I would probably keep some around and just do it every now and then as a treat, but I do not have said willpower so I just do not buy it anymore.

  • I just got some MedMamas Premium Gelato wax and it is wax-consistency. I also got premium Blue Zkittlez and it was crumble like consistency, but potent af so I was cool with it. I ordered some Cherry Kush wax and still shows label created. I have had DoSiDos diamonds and loved it

  • I think the temperature, heat and temp changes during shipping, can change the consistency a bit as well.

  • I'll definitely be trying some concentrates off this site real soon. I'm not new to them, but I'd imagine they're primo from this site based off reviews.

  • ⬆️ I tend to agree with this. I’ve ordered about a zip’s worth of mama waxes in the last year or so and all but a few grams had the consistency of dry earwax. My latest was cement shoes and it almost like that Nutella chocolate stuff...thick, creamy and smooth. I’ve over-whipped waxes in the past and they tend to turn more crumbly. Depends on other variables I’m sure.

    My first concentrate purchases here were diamonds, around a lid’s worth. I loved them initially but found they give a very “dry” and sometimes harsh hit despite having terpenes backfilled after processing. They fug you up fine but the aesthetics just weren’t there. I got some grams of live resin and terp sauce and mixed them up with the diamonds 1:1. Much better experience but still prefer wax.

    Wish we’d see some more live resin and rosin dabs around here. I’m stocked fine on wax and diamonds but am not a huge fan of shatters.

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