Strains for headaches/migraines

What are your favorite strains for headaches/migraines? As someone with lupus it’s something I always struggle with, so I always like to hear other peoples opinions. thanks for your input!


  • I usually go with the heavy indicas, but if I have things to do, Trainwreck, and Green Crack are excellent sativas that 9x/10 usually get the job done well enough that I can get those things done, then proceed to the indica.

  • Thanks!! I’ve had luck with green crack too. And pure og.

  • I'm hoping for luck with pink champagne

  • Let me know how u like it

  • High THC is the best medicine for migraines. The key is to take a hit at the first indication that the migraine is coming on (fortunately I've never had one, but I've read that migraine sufferers can tell when this is happening). This will shorten the duration of the migraine and reduce its pain level.

  • @medboy thanks so much! This is a very helpful tip.

  • Migraines are horrible. If nothing is done right at onset, it's a lot harder to get rid of. I was on preventative medication for a long time which helped a lot when I was younger when I only had 1 migraine at a time.

    Early to mid 20s I started to get cluster migraines which would last months at a time. Nothing would touch them except good ole mj. It took a lot of medicine and missed time from work to finally get it narrowed down to something that worked.

    They gave me amitriptyline, darvicet, Percocet, loritabs, 800mg ibuprofen, flexerall, and a myriad of other random pain killers and muscle relaxers. I couldn't work because I was so out of it from all the pills. I finally got to see a neurologist who prescribed topomax and a different med that I had to take at onset which made it feel like my chest was tight and I couldn't breathe. The topomax made me see shit that wasn't there and my fingers and toes always tingled like they were asleep.

    My friend introduced me to his mj person (which always had good weed) and that ended up taking care of them. I haven't really had them that often since then but when I do they're really bad.

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