Fruity Pebbles

Hello everyone,
Has anyone tried fruity pebbles and can give me a review??



  • Don’t buy it.. unless you’re planning on making budder.. weird texture/smell, lots of seeds.

  • @Fastguy199 😫😫 dont day that I just brought a 1/4 Monday ! I brought some Skunk 🦨 today

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    I’ve never brought greenhouse...I like indoor and premium but bro @Fastguy199 dude you just say lofts of seeds? 😳😳😳 not sure how I’d feel about that

  • @Loudpack1022 i really hope I don’t get a batch with a bunch of seeds !! 😫😫

  • @Loudpack1022 I’ve smoked a lot of Schwagg and this stuff got made into budder haha, greenhouse stuff on here is normally what i stuck with. I have 4 other greenhouse flavors now and all of them are awesome. Just that dam FP... if you ever see Fruit loops tho,,, you’d better jump on that.

  • @suchacutie89 i hear ya. You sound like you ordered a few different types so if it is bad dude just mix it and get rid of it.
    @Fastguy199 I might try some greenhouse if I see something interesting sounding. And bro I just got Fruit Loops yesterday. The bud looks darker than i expected but it’s definitely a strong hitter tho. 🦾🦾

  • Yeah I wasnt too big a fan myself. I made brownies with most of it. Got a half and it probably had 5-10 seeds.

  • I’ve tried Banana Runtz (from a different person) and it had a few seeds, but was some pressure ! @Loudpack1022 yea I have a few things coming my way if FP is not up to par I’ll def be mixing !! Maybe even do a batch of brownies @nefgreen that sounds damn good lol

  • @suchacutie89 really! I’ve got banana runtz too in between order here...while i was waiting i grab the runtz it’s descent overpriced but has a nice smell and i agree it’s pressure but i didn’t have any seeds...
    @nefgreen those brownies do sound good and I don’t even do chocolate

  • @Loudpack1022 i agree it is a little pricey for it not to be a premium but it’s cool to just get me through.

  • In my experience with mm, the greenhouse is the better deal(75%) of the time... the quality is no doubt better with the indoor and primo, but I just don’t have the funds to spend 17something on a half every week...or else I would.. honestly, fruity pebbles has been the worst experience I’ve had with MM, and I still got blitzed. I won’t complain too much.

  • I think Loud should toss their batch of FP or turn it into hash or something, it seems like a big miss with the community, I haven’t seen one thing positive about it.

  • I agree with @liarliar03 i dont see why its still being sold as a greenhouse strain. Its lowkey a rip off which sucks for people that dont know about it. They should just sell it at the outdoor price or something

  • Thank you all for the honest reviews ! I’ll just have to see now because it’s ordered already ! Now I know to ask before submitting an order ! I’m a newbie

  • Anyone who got a bag full of seeds should write to me through the contact form. That's not supposed to happen with us.

  • I posted this review under the wrong thread on June 2.

    "I just got in a 1/4 oz of Outdoor Fruity Pebbles (no longer on the menu at this moment)

    It was the cheapest flower on the menu at the time, and I was almost broke, so I ordered some.

    The smell from the bag is fantastic. A very fruity smell, I think I detect a fig in there (I grew up with a huge fig tree in my back yard, also why I absolutely detest fig newtons).

    The buds are smallish, tightly trimmed. They look nice. Dark, some golden hairs in there, maybe some dusting of crystal on them.

    Where's the beef?

    I smoked a bowl, then rolled a joint. LAME!

    This is the first time I have been disappointed with what I was expecting after reading both threads @georgetirebiter posted.

    The taste is good, very smooth. The buds grind up perfectly. The burn was even... not hardly any buzz at all."

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