Good day Wishes

Hello everyone! I just want to let you know that even though these times are hella tough rn, we can get through them! I just hope everyone has an amazing day today and makes the most out of this unfortunate situation :)


  • You as well! Enjoy the rest of this weekend 😀

  • Im sure everyone appreciates your good gesture but if these are hard times then that speaks for how soft society is. Its hard times to sit at home and chill? I wonder what those that went through world wars and famine and brutal murderous dictators think. You get weed delivered to your door dude... Times can't be that hard.... Sorry if I sound like a dick but the truth needs to be said no matter what. Times aint hard, bud. Times are easy. Soft.

  • Yup, @maryjanelover11.... you "sound like a dick".

    Learn and practice empathy.

  • @daCabbie Sorry bud the truth hurts... People these days are soft AF. "times are hella tough right now" ahahahah

  • All the atrocities in history and times are hella tough right now... Yeah, okay... Empathy for what? Staying at home to chill and smoke bowls?

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    I've been out of weed for two weeks and out of work for much, much longer. ... but, I guess that is all my fault, eh?

  • @daCabbie Yeah I wish you luck with that, but I dont think thats anywhere near as bad as watching your whole family be killed in a concentration camp like the Chinese, Jews, Russians and all the other people who have gone through heinous events throughout history. Sure people are going through things like what you mentioned, but that is child's play compared to real "tough times". You will get a job once again and your weed will arrive. Other people watched their whole family get slaughtered. Id say thats real tough times. Like I said society is way too soft. I guess history will repeat itself since people seem to have forgotten it. I said my peace. I'm going to start coming to this forum less. I will still be on here, but mostly to post weed reviews. I'm out. PEACE.

  • N1ck_4 Same to you. Maryjanelover11 be a good human and please purge the negativity. Thank you.

  • @maryjanelover11 , I guess nobody can complain about anything ever in life because some others have had it worse. You don’t know everyone’s life here. Many are war veterans. Many have severe PTSD for other reasons. Many suffer from severe mental health issues. Seriously, grow up and learn how to be a decent human being.

  • @N1ck_4 Thanks so much for the nice gesture ☺️ Hope your weekend is going well

  • @maryjanelover11 please keep the peace let the rules of this forum. If you don’t agree with the post maybe be the bigger person and just not respond. No need to come off rudely. However, I hope your enjoying your weekend as well ☺️ We are all on this board for the same reason 💨 💨

  • Have an awesome day everyone! Much love to you all! 😊

  • So just because we are not at war or in slavery or death camps-literally some of the worst things a person could do to another- these are not hard times? I just want to make sure I am reading this correctly...we have to be at war or being slaughtered to be in hard times? Nothing else counts as a hardship?
    Way to rain on the parade...sorry we are not all "hard AF" like yourself; you clearly know a lot more than all of us softies.

  • Even though I agree that things could be worse, it does seem that some folks on this thread are a bit stressed out. Let's try to keep the good vibes going around, can we?

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    @maryjanelover11 @suchacutie89 @Kris10 It’s all good y’all! He’s right to an extent, it could be worse, but at the same time it doesn’t mean things aren’t hard, I’ve had a couple of family members die from being exposed to COVID and a couple that are in the hospital as we speak. On top of that my mother takes chemo for her cancer so she’s higher risk and I have to be very careful outside of the house as not to transfer COVID by any chance. But it’s alright! Things WILL get better over time 😃

  • @N1ck_4 I'm very sorry for your loss, and everything you, and your family is going through right now!!
    I will keep you in my prayers for real.

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    I hate to get on my soap box and throw this negativity on this thread, but maybe I can open some eyes. @maryjanelover11 I am in direct contact with Covid carriers every day I work (making less than those on unemployment) and have only seen my own children (who are literally my everything) in person maybe 4 times since they let them out of school. My parents typically come to my house and watch them while I work, but since they are high risk, I can't chance them contracting it, hence why I'm separated from my entire family. There's no doubt it would kill my father if he were to contract it. The only daycares that even were open just shut down from kids and employees testing positive. Now I have to worry about how to safely bring my children home, then send them to school, and child care while our cases our soring. That's just the TIP of the iceberg with how some of the stuff going on in world right now is affecting me personally, and I'm sure others have it much worse. Not all of us are sitting at home chillin, just waiting on weed deliveries. These weed deliveries are literally keeping me sane and from breaking down every day. And @N1ck_4, appreciate the good vibes sent our way. Hope everything looks up for you, stay safe and strong. ❤❤

  • Hat's off to onelove!!!

  • Ringo Starr says ....peace and love, peace and love!

  • @OneLove .... maryjanelover11 had a mental breakdown and declared he was leaving the message board forever and probably never doing business with MM again... so he's probably not gonna hear you.... I think he was struggling much more than any of us knew.

    I hope you and your children are reunited soon... but, I'm afraid things are going to get worse before they get better... but lets all hope for the best... I don't know how much more our collective-consciousness can take.

    Remember your family and your personal physical and mental health are priorities before and above everything.

  • @OneLove you probably hear this a lot, but honestly thank you so much for risking your life to help people, I can’t even imagine how hard it is to be separating from my own kids for periods of time. But thank you for everything you do and continue to do! 🙂

  • Thank you so much @N1ck_4 and @tdk329 Still means a TON every time I hear it. Much appreciated.

  • @daCabbie Absolutely. I'm def going to watch how this plays out and adjust my life accordingly I guess even if that means finding another job eventually. It's just the unknown that I think makes it so much harder on everyone including myself.

    And I just went back and read the thread where maryjane flipped. I kind of seen that coming. He seemed to become a little unhinged over late orders.

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