Just ordered some Loud & Co Gelato cartridges and 3 out of 4 are working.. one cartridge will not pull through any vape I have tried. I noticed from the last time the cartridges are different brand so I'm not sure if that makes a difference? It's my second time ordering and this hasnt happened until now. Everytime I do pull for a hit, if and when smoke comes out, it's very very burnt and not consistent.

Anyone had any problems like this? Any solutions??


  • Two solutions seem to do the trick every time.

    One is to adjust the tightness of the vape cartridge so it's not so tight. These carts work best when they're a little bit loose.

    The other is to try turning the voltage up and down. If one of these strategies doesn't help, please write me through the site's contact form.

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    @medboy sent a message through the sites contact earlier today! hope to hear back from ya

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