How's your garden?

How's everyone's garden doing?


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    @daCabbie I took mine down... (Canna wise it’s super sketch in TX right now) about 2-3 months ago.. I now have taken up a bit easier hobby, mycology! (Much more sterile)( and I can sell lions mane, morels, etc. in a legal, legitimate market all from working from my house doing things I love all day everyday with my kids while teaching them, and still getting my natural fix—which my kids know nothing about the “bad”stuff I do.. of course!)

    Got APE cubes spawning, I have currently grown about a 1/2 ounce of treasure coasts in the backyard 100% outdoors using grain spawn and the land of the earth , and I have a giant 5 pound substrate fruiting indoors in a bag of some lions mane.. pretty interesting stuff... I’m going to do hautulas next and I’m sure some more albino strains( depending on how my APE cubes go).. mushrooms are so interesting... (canna)seeds are cool, but have you ever squirted some water on some bird seed and watched it grow 5x overnight?

    Albino Penis Envy (strain)

    Psilocybe cubensis shrooms

    Also just built a planter for my awesome wife(it’s a 4x4’ square box that sits 2.5’ off the ground, it has another raised box that is 2x2’ and I took some 4” PVC and made a few planters as the “trim piece” burnt the wood to give it a rustic finish and painted the pvc aqua blue(poppin) .. going to add a nice trellis thing for viney plants But still gotta figure it out.) I’ll post some pitures to this thread once I get it 100%! we germed Habaneros, cilantro and lavender.. and I may of may not have a few outdoor san Pedros with a few more yote on the way.. id say the garden is growing well, I lost my job a few weeks ago so I’m trying to figure out ways to become more self sufficient and still provide for my family! Any input would be awesome! I love every one of y’all on this damn forum!!!!

  • I got micro greens, mustard greens, corn, okra, santa fe peppers, arugula, green beans, and green onions. Its been really hot lately!!!

    @Fastguy199 did you start the APE from spore syringe to grain or on agar first?

  • Cabbage, Okra, Squash, Sirrano Peppers, Cherry, Homestead & Big Boy Tomatoes, Carrots, Cucumbers....So hot the Carrotts didn't turn out the rest are flourishing.

  • @nefgreen i started it with a syringe on grain... I ordered the bag from amazon, and have used them before. (The fungus farm) I would recommend them 100 times over! I haven’t learned the whole agar side yet, but it does seem easier.

  • Unfortunately marijuana is illegal medicinally and recreationally in my state. We are a farming state so we have amazing soil (I own a 100 acre farm) and we cannot grow marijuana. But I do grow vegetables spring through early winter. Broccoli, cabbage, potatoes, onions, corn, peppers, tomatoes, tomatillos, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, eggplant, cauliflower, green beans, the list continues lol. I REALLY can’t wait for the day I can plant my own marijuana.

  • I have a couple of seeds of jolly rancher. I also have a couple of seeds of a few different strains of hemp. I don't have any planted, however because I don't have room to setup in my place, nor do I have any where to plant outdoors safely in my mostly anti-cannabis state.
    I do have green onions growing, and they're looking pretty good. I also have practically a green house of greenery plants outside thriving in this crazy july heat!

  • @Kris10 thats awesome... the things I’d do for 100 acres or a farm with equipment.... farming is so much fun(that is until it’s a job I’m guessing) I’ve been watching this guy on the old YouTube’s and he’s an awesome farmer, really puts the lifestyle in perspective for someone from the south, that hasn’t really seen much farming... we do a lot of cow/chicken/corn/wheat farming where I’m from..I’m more into fruiting bodies-not just corn -.-

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    My garden is just coming in real nice..getting beautiful crisp cucumbers every day..My favorite snack tomato’s are loaded..called Sun delicious..Peppers are getting big too..gonna be a great season

    As far as other gardening that’s up in the air for the fall..normally order seeds but I’m starting to get a nice collection from MM.

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    To all those fighting the heat.... try a kelp/seaweed based fertilizer.... it has really good water retention properties... your plants will never dry out again.

    Anybody want any okra? I can't eat anymore. Really wish I had planted some watermelon or cantaloupe.

    I'm starting my fall tomatoes now.... tomatoes won't fruit when the temp is above 72 degrees during the night... so in about 8-10 weeks I can have them.... most greens are not an option this time of year.... zone 9/10 living kinda sux (not so much in January).

  • @Kris10 Try growing some CBD hemp to practice!

  • @Kris10 Im in the midwest close to lake MI and we have awesome soil for anything to grow. IMO with as little as 5a of land you can grow just a few maybe 5 MJ seeds with no issues of detection especially if your closer to a city since rarely do DNR planes inspect overhead. A spot close to a treeline with brush would be the best for non legal states. Best would be out in an open field where you get max sunlight 360degrees around each plant but to obvious for us. Treelines and brush help MJ blend in perfectly if widely placed apart. You will receive less sunlight and also have one dark side of each plant from the treeline shade but you will still get a perfect home grown harvest as long as you properly tend to each plant each day. I would always grow 5ft stalks along railroad tracks in the city when i was younger cause there was max sunlight, plenty of brush to mix into, and rarely any travel from others or authorities. I found the deer and stray cats liked to nibble on them closer to maturity though l0l.

  • @superman38NC Wish I got an order from MM with some seeds to collect. Out of the countless orders ive gotten since being a MM customer, not once have I been able to find not one seed. Don't know if that's a good or bad thing but I wanna collect some seeds l0l

  • Deer..............

  • @MigraineWarrior79 im pretty interested in the hemp thing— I have all the nutes and sick set up, but it’s super hot in Texas to right now. Like heat wise obviously but also with the new CBD hemp laws in place it’s just sketchy.. here. I’ve heard of quite a few grows around me being raided and that’s not my cup of tea. (Most of those were outdoor) but still

  • @Fastguy199 @sixwaychili Have any of you ever grown CBD. We can here after buying a $40 permit. I thought about growing an indoor CBD in one of those growing tenants with full spectrum LED lamps. Im staying in the city right now in a 800sft apt so i was worried as it matures it would smell like week and get my neighbors calling 12. Is it really a skunky smell that neighbors would detect if i had 1 or 2 cbd plants?

  • With the heat my garden is about dead. Zucchini and squash and cukes have wilted and died. Tomatoes are ragged and not producing. Eggplants are about done. Gonna try and help em out to see if they can make it to the fall. Ditto with the peppers. Once we get the 95 degree days and 75 degree nights with 75 percent humidity we are done in the south.. @daCabbie wish i could take that okra off your hands. Love it fried or smothered. Grew it a few times. Fire Ants love to get on them and the hairs make me itch so bad i dont grow them anymore. Plus they are dirt cheap in stores frozen so i just go that route.

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    @rasta0458 the seeds seems to be rare which is a good thing for quality on here..however a couple here and there don’t hurt my feelings..a month or so ago I was grinding up some premium GSC from mama and bam 1 nice little seed..I was so stoked! but.... I accidentally left it in with my ground up flower and smoked it later that night 🤦‍♂️ (pop!..)..Noooooo I was so bummed..combed through my remaining buds and no more seeds that I’m aware of 🤪

  • Got a couple unknown strains I got out of a baggie a long time ago ready to harvest and got 4 seeds of city slicker (gelato 33 x Stardawg) ready time go in pots 🙏🙏

  • One of them is actually 🍋 🧀 lemon cheese

  • nice!! man that all sounds good.

    i have a few seeds, but not many. i came across some black valium feminized seeds. lost coast hash plant x g13 x afghan ghost . looks tooooo killer. also High Priority by 710 genetics. and a random seed from some no-name half decent OG. i think i'm going to just grow 1 of the black v's and see how it goes

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