Does anyone else know of any fun smoking games? Pretty much the only one I know is baseball!

BaseBall (3+ people) works best in a vehicle with all of the windows rolled up and doors shut, roll a fatty, cram into a car with some good music and light it up!
Take a hit and pass it to the next person, you can’t exhale until it comes back around to you., and you only take one long drag at a time.. we used to do it with blunts rolled in honey or (good) cough syrup(it also helps the blunt/wood/joint burn slower)... but the goal is to see how many times you can pass it around abiding by The rules, you also get extremely high, like seeing shit high, the weed lasts a lot longer and it’s just fun! We always feel like anytime we got out of the “spaceship” we were time traveling..


  • Reminds me of them old days

  • @MigraineWarrior79 it was lit 🤣 haven’t been in the big leagues for a minute... or have I? I smoke way more now tbh 🤣🤣🤣

  • Me too, honestly

  • Hell yes @MigraineWarrior79 that is what I’m talking about! 🤟🏻

  • We never named the games but had a competition who could outlast the others. We called it the high olympics I guess, but we would sit and smoke til we couldn't anymore.

    The last game we played was a vape game. We had 9 different carts each a different strain. We would take 2 hits and go to the next until we went through all 9, then start the rotation again. Most was 2 and a half times around lol.

  • I love the Lord of the Rings movies, so my favorite is to watch Fellowship of the Ring and take a hit every time one of the characters smokes "pipeweed." You get really high really fast!

  • @medboy, how about this one for the folks....a Calm room no air flow....Chill a wet clear drinking glass in the freezer. Now take and roll a fatty.... Take the glass out when ICE COLD and blow a slow shotgun in the glass. As the smoke cools it will sink to the bottom. You can fill a glass up with smoke, ice cold. After it settles slowly turn up the glass and the smoke will pour out like dry ice vapor into your mouth and lungs. This smoke has condensed and it is very potent..Try NOT to cough. It is just fun to watch cold smoke roll around in a glass like a liquid... It is very very very smooth....The

  • @kriskringle now, I'm gonna have to try

  • Some absolutely fantastic reading material. Lol. I will add one -- first one that popped into my head is when me and my friends would get blocks of black hash . (Back to the black hash again... Haha. Subconsciously fiending much?) We would each roll up a nice size ball into a sphere . . Enough to top a bowl, or a little more.

    Step 2, put 4 butter knives in between the coils of an electric stove, handles facing out and just the tip of the blade pressed up against the coil as they get red hot. Inserted 'into' the coils themselves. (Caution here, my knives were fine and much to my mother's dismay we had a set of 4 charred ones specifically for this purpose, but a friend had knives where the heat would transfer into the handle . Ouch!)

    Step 3 is to take the knives out when they are super fkn hot, tap one knife against the hashball on the counter; it will both stick to the knife & instantly burst into flame/ vape. You would then use the other knife to squish the ball of hash, while leaning over and concentrating the plume of smoke into a funnel (many different funnels will do, we had one specifically for this-- a 2-liter bottle, chopped in half, and just breathe thru the mouthpiece as your friends try to annihilate you).

    Lol. Looking back now we were just giving each other dabs, before dabbing was a thing. You don't really have enough hands to do it (comfortably) by yourself, so we would take turns doing them for each other and seeing who could take a bigger ball of hash . Lol kind of a dumb story but.... Good times, good times. I would add here that hash was the best, but would also work with bud, but it had to be dense and very high quality to produce the desired effect. The good ole days ... Haha

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