I'm wanting something that will stick to my fingers when I try to break it up... Something so sticky it's hard to break up. What's the best option for that?


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    Over half the menu.

  • @MizterNiceGuy 😂.......... yea I am a newbie but the options are so many options right now I’m personally trying the ones people are buying the most and just going by description. The only one I have not likely so far was FRuity pebbles. However won’t be leaving a Negative review about it bc Loud is going to replace it for me. All I can say is stay away from fruity pebbles unless your looking for low grade

  • What I'd do is order something right when it shows up on the menu. But then again, you can re-sticky your bud with 62% boveda packs.

  • I haven’t had any dry bud from this site, all stick-icky, premiums are your best bet though for the ‘most’ stickiest.

  • @suchacutie89 I agree. I know I said Fruity Pebbles was a positive review but I should have tried more of it before I made that judgment. My 8th was one huge bud and I only broke off and tried the very top/tip and it was awesome but a week later I broke open the rest of the bud to grind and deeper in the body of the bud was very dry few trichromes. smoked some of it after breaking down the rest of the bud and was a horrible high compared to the very top/tip that i first tried. That was the first bad batch/strain from MM ive gotten. I'm still waint on my XJ and cant fking wait to review it.

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