How's Blue Dream Trim?

I got a Blue Dream sample joint last time, and I must say I loved it. The euphoria along with the haziness felt like I found my favorite strain. My question is, is the trim going to be similar? I'd appreciate if MedMan or Loud could answer so I can decide on which to buy. For those that also tried it, what's your take?


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    Blue Dream is a great choice and doesn’t break the bank.

    All shake, no buds.

    High is enjoyable and the high seems to be consistent.

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  • I have some on the way for my Dad that should be here by Saturday. I can try it when it comes in, and let you know if @medman @medboy or @LoudnCo doesn't answer before.

  • I ordered some of this "trim" in hopes they mean "shake" but I'm doubtful. Trim is unwanted plant matter that is usually thrown away because it's typically not very potent and is harsh on the lungs. The only reason I ordered it is because money is super tight for me.

  • I just got some in today! I haven’t smoked any but here’s a pic! It’s all shake with a few shake bubbles like the one to the left. I’m using mine for making butter and maybe oil too.

  • Honestly, it's not up to my personal standards. This is not a dig at Loud, I just never smoke trim or shake. My tolerance is too high (and as soon as I'm done with work, I will be too). ;)

  • My order with the shake hasn't made it here just yet, but I'm thinking it'll be here sometime this week.

    All this crap with the USPS sucks, but it is what it is.
    If nothing else, it'll teach us patience, haha

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    I've been smoking on this stuff for a few days , wasn't expecting to feel the slightest bit stoned and I must say I'm impressed and quite baked. I'm a 15 year daily-smoker and my tolerance is through the roof. I think this says something about how good Blue Dream is as a strain, since even the crappy parts of the plant still contain enough THC to make me feel "dreamy".
    Doesn't look great, lots of a little stems, very dry, but if you're looking for a decent cheap smoke or to make cannabutter I'd have to recommend this.

  • Thanks a lot for the replies! I'll consider it along with the other strains!

  • That's good to hear. I know my Pops is gonna be a happy man when I get my hands on my order from Loud.
    I know he's planning to roll a few joints, and he's gonna try to make bubble hash with the rest. At least that's his plan, lol

  • man.. i am lazy now but just hearing that makes me reminisce of cannabis-related projects of times gone by :lol: let us know how the bubble hash goes hehe

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