Medmamma or loud co

Don’t wanna wait too long but gsc and bubba gift is calling my wallet


  • Bubba's Gift is calling my wallet, and I just received a zip of Runtz.....

  • I just ordered some Sour Jack
    I dig Jack Herer, so anything with good ol jh, I have to try

  • *Same.. I'm a sucker for Jack, i do not need it but i really want to check out the sour jack (as well as a couple others but esp. that) .. please post how it is when it comes in! (i might just have to do it )

  • @theunleet um I’m tired of runtz I had white
    Runtz recently a whole qp worth it’s good asl so smooth great taste and bag appeal outta this world huge buds I’m talking 7 to 8 grams very sticky candy gassy flavor my batch was exotic I could post pics but never learned how lol 😂

  • I’m still new and as of now it’s a tie for me

  • @MigraineWarrior79 yes I am trying a 4th if the sour jack !

  • @theunleet i ordered the Bubba in my 4 gram sample ! ☺️☺️☺️

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    @suchacutie89 I have no doubt it's gonna be amazing!
    I've had sour diesel before, and it's just as good as jack, so the 2 together kinda blows my mind, haha! I also grabbed a 4th.

  • I haven't had sour anything in a while....

  • They should combine Jack Herer with Green Crack and call it Cracker Jacks.

  • @Stab_Snipers sould like it would be fire 🔥 and a fruity smell !! Or even Green Crack Jack

  • there actually is a strain cracker jack had it before from another source good stuff

  • Honestly Ive had over and about quality from most products from both shippers but MedMama has proved to me they take their product and customer seriously as professionals of the meds they produce. Only product I got that was way below expectations was the full gram watermelon dream vapes. They just seem to have no potency and one had a malfunctioning mouth piece. Loun n' Co has had almost all excellent products but the shipping has had may issues in the past but I do want to try their vapes as I've seen a few good reviews.

  • @suchacutie89 When did you order the 4g sampler pack and what did you end up choosing? I'm thinking of trying a sampler but don't know if i shluld go with MedMama or Loun n' Co.

  • right now i am thinking of doing a sampler for MedMama just bc there's several* i want to try.. in the past i would just get multiple 8ths and 1/4s of any and everything that interested me.. but once you have a kind of collection going, i think the sample packs bring huge value. (obviously.. not value, like, bargain or price-wise.. but you know what i mean). (i'm thinking up something like Purple Panty Dropper, Super Skunk, Bubbas Gift, and Sour Jack? Come on now...)

  • i would add that i've done the 4g before and was really happy i did. i think i got Black Cherry Soda, Chemdawg, Fruity Pebbles, and Dirty Girl. that was only like my 2nd order at the time, too, so i got a real good cross-section

  • The 2 gram per strain sampler would be great at medmama right now with the viper cookies, bubba's gift, GSC and ???

  • Can you do a premium for the sample pack? It doesn't say you cannot like for the add-on. If so, I'd do the sour jack.

  • @Sixwaychili i'm not 100% so take with a grain of salt but i believe you can do premiums on the multi sample pack, but not the single G (or 2G) add-on . i think. i have received premium in a 4G pack but it was a mix.

    on a different note i have to be totally honest when i say that i was kinda fkd up about seeing sour jack gone off the menu today . :neutral:

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