US Postmaster General tells postal workers to leave mail behind if it slows down their route


  • Fake news?

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    The entire government should be run like a business. They need to remove about 90% of it as total waste that exists only to sustain its spending and number of employees doing nothing useful. Look at the way amazon delivers now, since they have incentive to not waste money unlike the government which has incentive to waste as much money as possible. I bet amazon could take over the post office and do the same work for 1/3 the cost. Meanwhile, the government could also do one of its required jobs in preventing monopolies like amazon from existing in its current form to prevent them taking extreme advantage of the people. Instead, they protect and further enhance their monopolies. This is only going to get far worse with most small businesses dying a permanent death because of covid shutdowns. This is why all the small business stimulus money went to the McDonalds and Taco Bell franchises instead of real small businesses. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the Walmarts and Targets of the country are lobbying all governments to keep the shutdowns in place as long as possible.

    I say this without care who the president or any other politician is at any point in time. The point always was, is, and will be the same.

  • See faxing the IRS for the ultimate in nonsense beuracracy

  • Not getting mail for 3 days will be the norm. So don't go complaining about "where's my package" because it was left behind at the postoffice. It already started here in Delaware. DON"T trust Informed Delivery !!!!!!!

  • Would be nice if they made it an option to go down to your local post office to pick up late packages that were left behind by carriers. But they're too lazy to sort through the piles of late and undelivered packages just to find yours.

  • @Stab_Snipers .... mine does... just depends where you live.

    I heart the USPS... thank you Benjamin Franklin.

  • This may be a recent article but this is not a recent development. Usps and all delivery services have been involuntarily slowed down like this for months now due to covid and general “civil” unrest. They simply don’t have the staff they used to.

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