This is a new one... Any clues or previous experience with this?

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So I ordered my order from loud on Saturday night or Sunday morning. I have no other packages coming to me from anywhere. I just got an update on my informed delivery. And it says that my package is coming from California which I’m now trying to figure out why because I thought Loud was from the state up north and I ordered from LOUD.. Anybody got any explanations? Let me repeat I have no other packages from any other place like Amazon or anything coming. This is the only thing.


  • My orders have always came from Cali or Washington. Some others on here may know where each shopper is but all mine have been from way out west. ✌

  • I know where both shippers ship from that’s why I asked the question. Loud comes from Washington and that’s what I ordered from, yet this package is coming from California that’s Why I am asking the question.

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    Very strange @Theboyua..let us know what you end up with..hopefully what you ordered 🤞🏼or maybe you will get something better like my recent introduction to one of my must haves.

  • Well I ordered the premium alien fire Kush and it is still on the menu and mine has so I wouldn’t think it would be anything else but like I said that’s on loud’s menu and this package is coming from California. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Maybe it got re-routed. Or maybe informed delivery is all screwed up?

  • Did some body else in your house hold order something? Dont forget ID is for a whole residence

  • It could be anything. Maybe a small or large envelope with a scan, it doesn't have to be a package. Tow slip, something from the city, court, insurance company... literally anything.

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