Too many stains for my mind to grasp...

It’s only money, my kids didn’t need to go to college anyway.


  • lol. there's quite a few i can pass on..

    however.. that still leaves more than a couple that i def want to check out

  • My thoughts exactly!

  • I'm working hard to kill off some of my older strains so I can replace them. I cannot just keep adding more. I've used up enough of my pantry.

  • It's different now, I don't go thru nearly as much as I used to, just by myself.. as opposed to with a big group .. I still use alot but it's different when it's you and all your friends. I'm right there with ya @Sixwaychili - I kinda made a mental note to self that I would allow 1 more order if something crazy comes up but other than that last order, I want to start adhering to a semi-strict "One in, one out" policy.

    (which I was planning to save my "last order" in case a classic popped up or something I couldn't say no to but I'm already debating 🧐 😆 🍻🔥.. lots of good choices right now)... We'll see what happens I guess lol

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