MedMama GSC and Cookie Dough Cheesecake

Has anyone received either of these strains and able to provide a review? I generally lean Loud Co when it comes to flower on this site, but these two have me intrigued.

Also, I'm new to the forum, so I just wanted to say hi to everyone, I look forward to talking different strains with you. And to @medboy and @medman, thanks for all the help this past year, it's much appreciated.


  • Welcome !

  • Thanks! The community here seems pretty sweet, I'm looking forward to being more active in it.

  • Welcome! Love the name, haha.

    I'm new too.

  • i'm interested in both of these myself! sorry i can't help with a review. i generally really like GSC genetics overall.. some of my very* favorites from this site.. (Dolato, Sunset Sherbert, Do-si-do, etc) i can't imagine it wouldn't be good. hopefully someone will pop in here who has recieved them..

    also, i am new here as well; but.. welcome! i am so glad to have found this site & the cool community.

  • I just received my 1/2 of GSC, the nugs are nice size darker green with some purple in it and sticky, the smell is light and sweet the smoke is mild gives a good head high, always loved GSC one my all time favorites

  • yikes.. you're gonna mess around and make me order it. some people say its overrated but i love GSC genetics myself. haven't had just straight GSC in a looong time but i almost always have something related . was curious about this batch! how are the trichomes/crystals? pretty frosted up or just avg? anyway thanks for checking in

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    My favorite strain, GSC. Have it on order but I see it's off their page now so I may end up getting the cheesecake as a substitute. We'll see. I go for potency and both are up there so either will make my day when it comes. I'll do a brief write up...if I remember. 🤪

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