Filled carts/refills

Out of curiosity mostly as I buy the refills. Why are the filled carts so much more. Carts are relatively cheap to buy empty and it’s the same contents. Refills break down to 42 bucks a piece when buying 4 and filled around 63 at 4. So is it the labor involved and cartridge price? I could see that. Again just curious.


  • We generally go with the shipper's costs and then add a consistent margin to that. The cartridges are more expensive for us to get, but I don't know necessarily why that is.

  • Gotcha. Appreciate the reply.

  • Yeah i didnt wanna say but they feel light. Like they get lesser everytime. For the price lets keep it nice and right on the gram @medboy

  • Vapes/carts are a big tslk here and i agree the cost is a bit high right now but would love if we can get a better margin on the price

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