Mama where the refills?!

Title says it all. Hoping mama will drop some refills soon. Can never justify spending the difference on prefilled carts.


  • Same here

  • @medboy i wish you would get more if the elevated extracts vape carts. They were .5g and they were fire.

  • I just posted both this morning - new refills from Med Mama and Elevated carts from Loud!

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    Sweet! Order sent and received. Thanks @medboy

  • @Skunq -- were you talking about the same type/brand of .5 carts that were added today? I am torn between doing those, or just doing the syringe refills . . man, they added a bunch, didn't they?

    @medboy / others - do you know if it's possible / OK to ask for a split on the refill syringes? Like.. if I don't use alot, 2 full refills of 1 strain would likely last me like over a year.. I would much rather put in the order for 2, but receive one of each. say like 1 super silver haze and 1 GDP, for instance. but i don't want to ask if it's frowned upon. lol

  • I’ve never had any problems splitting refills. Never bought two but wouldn’t think it would be different.

  • OK, cool. well i meant 1 order of 2 syringes .. but yeah i kinda typed it a bit confusing. but yeah. i think you still addressed the main question which is splitting refills. i don't see why not. i will probably give it a try next time i order.

    last question, to anyone else who is into the vapes / refills .. do they typically run out fast sometimes like flower? I've never paid attention bc i don't order them often. reason being is that there's a couple strains there i'd like to try but im not really ready to order yet. just wondering if popular ones disappear in a matter of hours/days like that. either way it doesn't matter i guess : )

  • They can go pretty fast. Last time they dropped a batch of refills they didn’t last to awful long in my opinion.

  • hmm.. interesting. there are some good ones there that i assume if they DO go quick.. they are probably gonna disappear fast, too o_O i must ponder this ..

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    I just ordered 8 split into 4 mendo and 4 zkittlez myself

  • nice! everyone i have ever heard talk about mendo really likes it, i'm gonna have to try. but for the first round on these (i've bought the vapes but never the refills) ii'll probably be just trying for 1 good sativa and 1 good indica. we'll see what happens .. was hoping to make it to friday to put in an order but i might have to put one in before they disappear :open_mouth:

  • I’ve tried most of the carts and refills and my favorite so far has been elevated extracts. I got three different kinds and they were all fire.

  • nice. i think i'm gonna work one into my next order, for sure, while they're here. ordered any of this batch yet? i'm either gonna go with the Goji OG, likely, but i really have my eye on that super silver haze refill. i've wanted to try that strain for years and just never got the chance. but i feel like the right way to try it would be like some top shelf, super premium flower.. not a concentrate lol

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