USPS downsizing

I just heard reports the the USPS is most likely going to downsize the business, and maybe even temporary closing access to it, obviously, this would not be good for us. Any plans on how MM will operate if such events take place?


  • Cross that bridge when (or if) you come to it. No use worrying now.

  • They just shut down one of the two facilities in my little town

  • The USPS would just get bought out by another company.

    Amazing that you have more mail rights with the post office than private carriers. Never understood that.

  • yeah if push came to shove something might change, but iwouldnt worry about it. people are gonna get their stuff; in this day and age that just applies period, not only to this place but in general.

  • USPS management made some not so great financial decisions over the years, then the competition started chipping away at their (very) longtime dominance. Their overall reaction was underwhelming and damn near impotent.

    They absolutely need to stop the bleeding with costs and overhead, figure out a pricing strategy niche that makes money, decide whether to even bother with express and priority mail that makes lots of money but they just cannot deliver - and the poorly handled pension program is still such a big albatross around their neck.

    So shrinking and/or consolidating to survive in this whacked business environment is the only way to go. Especially considering the most powerful leader of the free world seems to despise the post office for a number of reasons and has a friend at the helm now. Some of our representatives are tired of propping it up (aka bailout) even though over 90% of Americans polled say they want and need and demand the post office in at least some iteration. Amazon logistics looks to be a potential big winner either way.

    The post office is not going anywhere anytime soon but there may be some undesirable changes coming, imho, as part of our proverbial β€œnew normal.” Like @v32Finish said above, people are gonna get their stuff πŸ‘

  • Im sure MM could buy the post office at this point lol

  • USPS is so inefficient sometimes lol. They drove by our route twice delivering mail today. One pass seemed to be all election crap and sample ballots and the other was the regular mail. πŸ˜‚ they dunno whats going on

  • Hmm... if the USPS discontinues, I may have to take up an old delivery job. :wink:

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