Master Kush Premium with pics

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Open bag, BANG!!!! Premium indeed!

The last few strains I've had looked good in their own way but these buds are the kind you show off to your friends!

Absolutely the stereotype of what 🔥 buds look like.

Early into the experience but much like bubba’s gift, this one is already creeping into my favorites list.

I have to say that I really appreciate the descriptions they give. They have always been very accurate which helps so much! 🙏


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  • wow. really wish i got more of this then; i have to remind myself it was a conscious decision and i have others bc of it, but when i see posts like this i get super bummed out if i only ordered an 8th (or even worse, a +1 ! lol ) but hey i'm just thrilled someone reported in on it! beautiful pic!! thanks @Joha @!!

  • This batch is top shelf. I always grab some when I see it on Louds menu and it never disappoints.

  • Damn, I was just about to buy some because of that pic but it's gone. Was just there a few hours ago.

  • Monday can’t come soon enough

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    So far, I love this strain!!! Once again an easy fave.
    It’s similar to yet very different from bubbas gift.
    So far i like it better. And better than grape ape which i also love.

    Indica with a very happy side. Relaxed very smooth, yet Distinctly hard hitting. ready to have fun and be goofy without any stimulation anxiety or paranoia.

    amazingly, it was delivered in exactly one week like my last three orders during this madness, while other packages from other pLaces have been very delayed. Go figure!

    Really love the taste on this one. its much lighter tasting than pink champagne or even bubbas.

    Oh, and its STRONG!

    Again I’ll emphasize what is a new discovery for me, and I posted about, thanks to this forum. Boveda packs, 62% Get them immediately!!! They work MIRACLES!

  • I was so looking forward to MK, I placed my order No Subs on the 24th and it finally arrived yesterday and it was Mammoth.

  • I placed my order around that time too @winniecooper..still waiting on some kind of update besides pre-ship label..2 orders ago it stayed like that 10 days finally changed with missed scans..what’s your take on the mammoth?

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    @superman38NC well I smoked it yesterday all day and i didnt have any panic attacks or anxiety, (usually I only order indicas to avoid that) and it was very relaxing, good for daytime, and it helped with some back pain I was having. Since it came late (it was stuck at my post office for several days before it arrived), I threw in a couple boveda packs in and it looks alot better today than when it arrived! I did have to smoke something else for sleep though, I have Blackberry Kush and Purple Bubba right now at least so those are good nighttime strains.

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