Alien Rock Candy

Should be getting mine delivered today! If that’s what I get I’ll post a review and pics. Anyone else receive theirs yet?


  • Did I miss this on the menu or did you mean the Alien Fire Kush

  • No, I missed it too... It was only up for a day or so. : (. Looked like a super, super indica..

  • (saw it but didn't don't order fast enough)

  • I missed this too! I’m trying to not check every day...... 🤣

  • Please post pictures, very sad to have missed this one

  • How did I miss this. I'm usually on top of the strain list even if I don't order 🤣.

  • It might have been when I was broke and tried to stay off of here for a few days

  • I did not see this. Please post the review when you have a chance.

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    This ARC is impressive all around. The aroma is that of pop rocks with a fuel undertone. Love the sweet candy smell..the buds are super frosty with hint of dark purple..nothing like the appearance of the AFK..but potency is 5/5 for a fire indica. Had late afternoon and I could have taken a nap definitely not a productive strain. My eyes are slightly heavy but I’m still very alert..really enjoying this on a Friday. Wish you guys could’ve got some too..this did disappear quick.

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    Looks like quite a bit of bud for 3.5 they look nice a dense too man nice!

  • ohhhhh man quite painful to read this thread!! lol but ya know what i don't care because i got a special little box waitin for me on my computer desk :hushed: :smiley:

  • but seriously tho that looks rather, ahhh, how shall we say -- superb? great description, @superman38NC . how does it taste/smoke? I love buds with that sweet smell but still with the gassy/fuel undertones. 100% should've ordered ; )

  • Ooooohhh. Damn that looks nice. FOMO happens!

  • ugh I'm upset I missed this lol

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    Thx everyone..they’re dense buds but cured properly so slightly lighter than they appear..Maybe it will come back around..anything from Loud in reference to Space or Aliens or Stars seems to be 🚀. Anyone try the Space Candy Loud had early this yr? Maybe I’ll post a pic..must grabs too!

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    Left-ARC received today. Right-Space Candy


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