No lovin' from the USPS....

I ordered from Loud on the 19th of July... no lovin' from the USPS since then... no, I don't use informed delivery... yes, I have worn a path walking back and forth to my mailbox...

What really has me worried is the strain I ordered was pulled from the menu shortly after my order... I hope my order isn't lost in a shuffle of papers.

Patiently waiting... I'll use the contact form in the morning... patiently waiting, waiting, waiting and more waiting.


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    I ordered with loud Friday the 24. Label was made last Monday at 3am. Showed no movement at all until this morning it hit Jacksonville. No scan at all in Seattle. The Usps is a shit show. Hopefully yours pops up somewhere.

  • Mine should go through the Jacksonville, Fl hub... but then there is the hurricane... so, I'll wait and see...

  • Ya it’ll be interesting too see what happens regarding that.

  • I'm still waiting since mine fell off the face of the earth on the 18th. Order placed on the 11th.
    Tomorrow is the 14th business day for me, so if nothing shows tomorrow, then Tuesday I'll be contacting @medboy to see what we can work out together.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 I think it's 14 days flat, not 14 business days. I've had to contact them several times and just went by 14 days. As a matter of fact, I had an order placed on the 14th from Loud that was never sent out. I've already messaged them, got it taken care of and expecting a new package now, so I'd go ahead and hit the contact form if I were you.

  • @OneLove 😊 Thank ya, hun
    I went ahead, and did just that

  • @MigraineWarrior79 You're welcome. Hope it gets cleared up for you soon!

  • At this point maybe you should write to me about the order through the contact form.

  • I'm waiting... I am hopeful it will arrive...

    It's been years and I don't wanna break the running streak.

    Thankx. And what are you doing working on a Sunday? Take a break? Really. Fishing is a good hobby... you can't spend all your time gardening.

  • Mine left out of Jacksonville about a hour ago according to informed. Hopefully yours is just a scan issue and shows.

  • @Bobn218 did you get yours yet? I still got no lovin'... I sent a message to Medboy through the contact form, waiting to hear back.

  • I did. It showed Saturday. Never got a scan on informed until Jacksonville though. Nothing in or out of Seattle. That sucks. Hopefully they figure it out.

  • @daCabbie I sent a message to @medboy on Sunday, and I'm waiting to hear from him too.
    I'm guessing that inbox is pretty full!

  • Yup, you're right Bob... this sux.

  • @Five12Man ... how does that help? I can walk to my mailbox or drive to the post office, doesn't seem relevant.

  • @daCabbie no reply from their end? Interested because I’ll be in contact with them come Tuesday by way things look.

  • @Bobn218 ... no reply, I guess my little 80$ order is not big enough to warrant concern.

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