Christmas Morning!

New Strains up! :)... Got me some Bubba's Gift, Gelato, Strawberry Cough and Mother's Milk! Can't wait.



  • I can't decide!!

  • I got Strawberry Cough. I wanted to do the Cherry AK, but i just dont like the premiums from Medmama as much as i do from Loud

  • I got Bubba's Gift
    I'll probably end up getting something else later on

  • I ordered a zip of Bubbas Gift, and then a small while later the menu was full of stuff. I wanted the Gift anyways 🤙

  • I grabbed some Mothers Milk and white cookies. Def planning on grabbing more soon.

  • I kinda restrained myself . I only ordered mother's milk w/ a add-on G. (Gave a couple choices for that one but hoping for gelato).

    I wanted to order more but I'm holding out waiting to see what premiums Loud is gonna drop next. For some reason I'm kinda scared of Medmama bud , even tho I have gotten quite good stuff before .. I got a couple that weren't great tho.. oyyyyyyy I can't decide

  • Indecisionnnne

  • edited August 2020

    Label already made for Bubbas Gift...! Now to see how long it sits there 🤙

  • @v32Finish I was feeling the same way about ordering lol.

  • @OneLove not me! :smiley: I've been waiting patiently the past couple of weeks for this drop. Ordered a 2oz split of Indoor Blueberry Muffin and Gelato and another z of the Outdoor Sunset Sherbet. They were all fantastic the last time around. When my faves pop-up I have to pull the trigger! It's just too good a value: higher quality and generally cheaper than my medical dispensary cannabis...even with my vet discount.

  • I was thinking about getting the sunset sherbet but I was afraid my expectations would let me down stairs nice the only other time I've EVER had it was the last batch of premium from loud .. to this day it's the best bud I've received from on here .

    You just complicated it even more 🤣

  • @v32Finish I can't speak for others, but I've been here almost three years, have spent thousands on greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor and Premium, and have never had a negative experience. We have particularly enjoyed the Outdoor strains. The quality has always been exceptional and the price makes it an incredible value.

  • @TheProfessor thanks for that!! that makes me less gunshy.. i think i got scared off a bit bc i ordered a bunch of greenhouse and outdoor strains at the same time and i just was not really happy with the Lavender OG, fruity pebbles, GG4 that was just not good.. but yeah overall my experiences with both shippers has been exceptional, and i don't say those things lightly bc i'm not trying to poo-poo anybody & i know how it is, ya know.. but it is what it is..

    at any rate, i was def. scared away from pretty much anything except premium & occasional indoor, but i have to say that you've inspired me to try some more out.. and sunset sherbert is one of my new absolute favorite strains (and i'm down to literally less than a G of the last that i have left! ) :open_mouth:

  • @v32Finish I'm really picky and do lots of research before I purchase new strains, but you never really know what you're going to get. I still have about a 1/4 of some med dispensary Sunset Sherbet, and while they are some of the prettiest buds I've ever seen, I don't think it's quite as satisfying as the last Outdoor Sunset Sherbet I had from here...maybe this time last year? I'll get a chance to compare! Received order and payment confirmation within minutes, hopefully we'll get a package next week.

  • I've been eyeing the Sunset Sherbet, myself

  • oyyyy downt knoeww what to dewww... sorry that was me typing a british accent. haha! i'm already a bit baked; i grabbed the sunset sherbet in honor, despite running low. ( i actually have like a full gram or so; i thought i was almost totally out. it's the Dolato that i only have like 1 bowl left.. another absolute fav)

  • Also, i will be looking forward to hearing about the comparison, @TheProfessor ! i am really super intrigued now hearing you say that.. i guess i was really put off and haven't given outdoor a chance really.. so yeah. we'll see what happens. if you think about it, in case i forget, post up a review on it when you get it, so i'll remember to ask about it again. :smiley:

  • Ordered earlier today when I saw the new menu 😎. Sunset Sherbert, Mother’s Milk, & Cherry AK-47 (not seen this one before..saw a review online it was the best weed someone had ever smelled..for a premium we shall see 😱)

  • MAN that cherry AK does look so interesting!! i forgot about that. yeah, i was trying to be prudent but I may have to put in another order man.. that's like a near-identical order to mine, too, i considered the cherry AK and also the white cookies ,, as you said, we shall see soon

  • went for 1/2 of strawberry cough had it before from another place was pretty good, and looks like it was a hit here since its off the menu already. Hope I get it and not a substitute

  • Well, %$&* man, I was gonna jump on that 🍓 cough next pay check, but I guess that's not happening. Haha
    Ah well, that'll teach me to not sleep on a strain I was really considering!

  • damn.. that's another i was considering..

  • @MigraineWarrior79 When will your Bubbas Gift arrive? No joke mine says Monday and I just order Thursday mid-day.

  • I ordered Thursday too hope I get it Monday

  • @theunleet That would be sweet if it would arrive Monday!
    My informed delivery (we all know how actuate it is these days) shows it in preship since Thursday.

    I was supposed to get my edibles and Wedding Cake today I ordered from her Monday (the 3rd), so I'll likely be getting that Monday for sure.

    Just in time for the migraine treatment I'm getting tuesday!

    I'm rambling, yall...
    I'm high 🤣

  • I'm excited for some intense euphoria 🤯

  • I've never had Bubba's Gift before
    Def excited to try

  • Now USPS says the 11th lol.... I knew it was too good to be true

  • Ordered Thursday evening, and ID says Tuesday as well. We'll see.

  • My mother’s milk will be here Tuesday !! Fastest I ever got anything !

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