Does anyone think loud will update today . Anyone no anything


  • Nothing confirmed that I know of, but my guess would be that it would be soon. especially if we see any of the 2 strains that are up rt now disappear, then for sure they kinda have to.. i'm guessing it'll be early this next week. tuesday? that's my guess :sunglasses:

  • Iā€™m patiently yet anxiously waiting !

  • I reached out to @medman late last night about the bad batch of organic Jack I received from Medical Jane (good riddance). He's making it right for me and I requested to replace with something from Loud when he updates the menu. He said to expect new stuff from Loud later this week!! :)

  • @Vices919 Damn i should have done that šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ i never even thought of that

  • @BMan What did you replace the Jack with??

  • @Vices919 Cherry AK. It looks fire

  • ooh nice. waiting for a review of the cherry ak to go up. What about you @Vices919 ?? did you say you were gonna wait and replace w/ Loud new stuff when it comes? glad they got you sorted.... feel bad for them taking the hit. at least they learned the truth bout new shipper..

  • @BMan Definitely let us know about that Cherry Ak!

  • I expect they'll re-up some time this week, though I couldn't say exactly when.

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