Alaskan Thunderfuck

The name just sounds like it is some ⛽️⛽️⛽️🔥🔥🔥 this is what MM and MB will be replacing since my OJH was not the quality expected. Can’t wait to see this ! And of course 💨 it 😂


  • Damn i should have done this

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    @suchacutie89 I've had it from another source and it blew my mind!
    Loud offers amazing bud, so I can only imagine how much BETTER of an offering he has!

  • I can't decide if I'm more excited about the AT or MAC I have coming.

  • @Sixwaychili last time I got MAC it was amazing so that’s a hard one to pick lol definitely going to be super happy about both of them.

  • I went a little LoudCo crazy because I missed their last drop! So this time I did a little splurge, but hey I consider it a late Birthday gift I just turned 31 on 8/1 ☺️☺️

  • @suchacutie89 Happy belated bday, lioness! I was wondering when in 89 you were born!
    I'll be 41 in Nov

  • Holy shit y'all I'm excited to try these new strains .. I splurged a bit myself just bc I'm currently running out of literally 3 of my favorite strains .(sunset sherbet, Dolato, and XJ13 are all under .5 - 1.0g 😬 ) I am not complaining bc I have others but the past week or so I've been missing that high end kick in the pants that you can only get from those beast strains.. and the better bud tends to disappear much quicker

    Anyways what did y'all decide to try ? Within the next week or so I have Mother's Milk & 2 syringes/vape refills(ghost train & SSH) coming first from mama .. THEN from Loud I ordered my first split .. got a split 1/2 of MAC and Alaskan Thunda.. and I just couldn't help myself, I hadda order the wedding cake too. I love wedding cake in general and never had it from Loud , so.. yeah

    I really wanna go back and do another sample pack (Sundae Driver, Bubba, Critical Mass, and one of the 🍊 strains? 😭) but I guess at some point you gotta make a decision been a long time since I've been waiting on multiple shipments , and idk if I've EVER been waiting on pkg's from BOTH shippers 👊🤣👌

  • I ordered Mac, ATF, GCS, Bubba Kush, wedding cake and space queen got a 4 gram sampler

  • Nice!! Love it. Gotta love hitting up a little variety. I have def. used that 4g sample, it's perfect when there's a bunch of stuff up like that 😎

  • I didn't get my payment confirmation, but surprisingly they're still on the menu so I'm not worried yet. Sent a message to confirm it.

  • @v32Finish yes I’m glad that is available because it comes in handy when the menu has so many available options

  • The ATF was on there when I placed order sent bitcoin and went to check and it was off menu I PRAY I was last one ordered a quarter of I ordered premium do they sub with premium?

  • I ordered a half of atf . And same thing went back 30 min later it was gone . Did a sub of Mac. If both are out did a coupon code

  • Did you do a sub . If so all should be good

  • Is premium subbed with premium ? I hope so

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    Only thing I put on comment section was joint freebie please @Tac

  • @BigDoinks They are subbed with premium. You should be ok i bet you will still get it.

  • Whew. Medboy confirmed my payment was received. Yay!

  • @Tac they wouldn’t take my code that medman gave me himself. Tried to use it twice and he asked how I got it because they haven’t gave codes since they lowered their prices a couple months before I got on here. Then told him how I got it and said their computers are not set up to take codes. Starting to get very frustrated especially after spending over $100 for 1/4 of mother’s milk that was brown, dry, and prob a G or more in shake. Not cool at all. I’ll quit smoking before I pay what I’m spending monthly to get “premium” shake lol

  • @WDEgkj Medboy will make it right for you. Contact him through the forum and get it replaced with something from Loud.

  • Im not trying to argue with them about it. I’ve said this on other post but medman gave me a discount code then they won’t let me use it. Really disappointed right now

  • Hey i can say i know for a fact they will make it right samething happened to me and the made it right have no fear medman is here!!!!!

  • Why did they refuse my code that NedMan gave me? I’m probably not the top buyer on her but since May 27 I’ve spent prob $600. That’s a lot of money for me. The code he gave me was to make something right and they didn’t even do that so no need to even argue it. I’m trying to make it my profile pic and u will see. There’s prob 3 Gs of actual bud cuz it’s stems and shake

  • @WDEgkj. just write to mb. theres likely a typo or something

  • @medman ive wrote to him about the code and he said yalls computers are not set up to handle codes. I’ve tried it on my last 2 orders and it wouldn’t work and I wrote to him and he asked how I got it because they haven’t used codes in months since they lowered prices. Told him u gave it to me then ordered again and he said the computers aren’t set up for them.

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    Hey bud, @WDEgkj please change or don’t put up the profile pic if you don’t mind. These guys have been providing a wonderful service to us for years, many who depend on it greatly. That kind of product is about .001% of what they deliver. It’s not an accurate representation at all. You don’t have to but I’m asking you please, do the right thing and put a different profile pic up. Thanks dude.

    And that sucks your code doesn’t work but you know these guys and you know they’ll make it right one way or the other. There is ample evidence to suggest they always make it right. Anyway, hiccups aren’t the best but they happen in this game. I hope it all gets worked out soon, I know it will but I hope it really happens quick. Peace bro.

  • I agree.. it sucks when this stuff happens , but the forum isn't the place for customer service.. even MM himself just said they would help get it sorted .. anyway yeah I totally agree this is very rare minority of times

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