Strawberry Cough Review Medmama

The label was made literally the same day i bought it which is very impressive. I got it in a nice box the tape was sturdy and made to not mess up in transit. It was packed in reflective mylar (yay!) so thats always good. I asked for a freebie joint and i got some gummy instead that i already ate which is fine i prefer joints, but like you cant always get them. I will say Loud gives me a joint 9/10 times though. So i cut it open and it smelled pretty good. The look was not as appealing as i was thinking, but its the same usually quality from Medmama. Their weed is always somewhat darker than Louds and has an outdoorish look to them, but its still good. So anyway the nugs i got are pretty big and perfect sized. The nugs were somewhat dry, but when i grinded them the weed was soft and fluffy and definitely had a small hint of strawberry. I took a hit and got blasted with a really strong head high that made me focused enough to type all of this my eyes feel really heavy and i feel like im in slow motion. Im very happy right now and im sad i have to leave soon lol


  • I only took one hit that was half greens btw

  • Never be fooled by Medmama's "darker" bud look. Medmama has very potent strains(Greenhouse, Indoor & Premium). Some of the best I've had from Medmama was only Greenhouse. Not "pretty" even though it was in its own way, but hit like a truck!

  • I got my mothers milk and strawberry cough and I like both ! Got a quarter of each and I personally have no complaints. I love the strawberry cough literally coughed so many times throughout my session. The mothers milk was such a smooth high ! I felt so relaxed ! Loved them both !

  • Wow.. I don't know what is coming . Lol . Mixed reviews! 🙂

  • I have only smoked a bowl and to me had me pretty lifted !! Everyone has a different tolerance lol I also got mothers milk and smoke a bowl last night was pretty good. Now they are both sitting in jars with Boveda and no sunlight going to let that happen for 2 days before smoking again or until moist again little dry however I know the Boveda will bring them back to life in no time

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    I recieved my strawberry cough and it's pretty decent to me super sticky like so sticky you cant strike your lighter after breaking it up lol mellow but very energetic high. Smells pungent funky fruity. Also smokes very good gives a weird tingling sensation in your throat that makes you want to cough.

  • Strawberry Cough is great! On a vacation in the mountains of NC (Banner Elk) and just smoked a big ole’ bowl of it and feeling great! Thought I heard a bear outside and ran back in... pretty sure it’s the strawberry cough 😅😅

  • @Vices919 ur very close to my home . Hope you have a good vacation. And don't let the bears eat the weed they go crazy...

  • No shit when I used to grow flowers they would eat every last drop

  • @Tac do you live in western NC? I live in the triangle area of NC.

  • Yes blue ridge

  • @Vices919 lived in triangle almost eight years, live near beach now. Prices went up too high in triangle. Have a three bedroom two bath house with a big fenced yard for 900 a month now!

  • Broke open my sample of SC from Mama..definitely has a sharp/sweet berry aroma..the SC I had several yrs ago by Dutch Passion had more of a creaminess to it..can’t wait to vape this for Sat morning..cheers everyone!

  • @superman38NC It makes me laugh a lot whenever im really stoned on it. Idk if maybe thats a just me thing, but its kind’ve funny

  • I like this better then the Mothers milk 😫

  • @suchacutie89 100% feel the same. I put the SC in a vault container with a Boveda pack and after a couple of days it's absolutely perfect. Super dense, non fluffy, tight nugs.

  • @Rubygirl816 What beach are you near?

  • Love it down there. Was there a few weeks back, love eating in Swansboro. @Rubygirl816

  • Sorry I’m late to the party. Strawberry Cough reminds of the movie “Children of Men.” Anyone else? I love that movie.

  • Still have about an eighth of this left !! Burns so slow ! Love it 😊

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