Blueberry muffin review

The smell is AMAZING!! It smells like a bag of fresh blueberries!! The high is AMAZING!! Relaxed but not couch locked Very floaty feeling high and kept me high for along time. Beautiful buds!! Will definitely order again if it comes back on menus. It’s a top 5 strain for me.


  • Nice! This one flew off the shelf quick. Hopefully this one will be back.

  • I agree @LIT. It’s amazing!!! Beware of the munchies tho!!

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    Just ground up a little and smoked my first bowl of the day. Yes, the smell is absolutely amazing...I just want to stick my face in the jar! It's every bit as good as the last time it was on the menu...early spring? Really an excellent relaxing afternoon strain!
    I'll vape the next round...I can't wait to really taste it! I don't know if it makes my Top 5, but it's solidly in my Top 10. :wink:

  • I just found out that my +1 ended up being Blueberry Muffin and not Gelato (which i'm totally cool with!) so now I am really stoked to try it!! sounds amazing from these descriptions . will be happy to see this one return sometime down the road

  • I really like the Blueberry Muffins. After vaping some later in the evening it's moved up a couple notches on my leaderboard and is pretty damn close to being a Top 5. The taste is as amazing as the smell!
    Gelato is solidly in my Top 5 and this batch of Gelato reminds me why. Amazing dark emerald green buds...with almost all between 1-2g with at few 2g+. Excellent cure, but amazingly, almost annoyingly sticky! Breaking up a couple of the smaller nuggets was messy...gummed up my grinder fast and it took some alcohol to get it all off my fingertips. One of my favorite afternoon strains with that great GSC genetics that I buy at least an oz. of immediately every time it pops up on the menu.
    More great medicine from Medicineman!

  • Just about to vape my first bowl of the Blueberry Muffin in the VaporCup v2. extremely good bud. i had to come back here just to say that of the 3 i received (mother's milk, Blueberry Muffin, cherry AK) ... the blueberry muffin is my favorite, edging out the cherry AK. those 2 i think are clearly a small notch above the Mother's Milk, with the blueberry edging out the cherry AK by a hair.

    but yeah.. it's bittersweet since I only have 1g of it, but still really grateful. it's everything you ( & others) have been saying about it, and more! definitely will be jumping on this and/or the gelato in the future. pro grade stuff

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